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Where do Roaches come from and How to remove them!


One of the things most people have in common when dealing with a roach infestation is, they want to know where do roaches come form?

How did these aggravating and worrisome creatures get in and how do I get rid of them?

They come from all kinds of places, especially warm damp areas of businesses, stores, warehouses, etc. Anywhere they can find a food source to live on!

Where do roaches come from

where do roaches come from

A Roach by any other name, is still a roach! A roach is a roach is a roach! They will always be with us, not matter what. Keeping them in their place is the goal of us all!

Actually, roaches enjoy living outside and don’t mind it at all but if you create a nice living environment inside, they will come in and bring their whole family, extended and all!

Cockroaches are called several different names or know by different names. Some are mistaken identity!

Two of the most common of the names roaches are known by are Water Bugs and Palmetto Bugs.

These creatures are bugs of the night, kinda like owls! They will hunt any source of food and will find any water available!

When in the outdoors, they will take up a residence pretty much anywhere!  Woodpiles, trees, planters, old logs, rocks, or any other substance they can hide under makes a suitable living area for them!

They prefer a warm moist place to breed. Keep this in mind when you see one in the house!

There are more than four thousand species of roaches worldwide but the ones that are commonly known are only four. I have heard since childhood many people ask this same question when one of these pests are found in their home, Where do these roaches come from?

We will try to give you an explanation of the origin of cockroaches and the most common way these pests get into your home. According to history and research, Cockroaches have been around a very long time!

These include the Asian, Oriental, American and German cockroaches. They are deemed as pests because they not only leave unpleasant smell in the room but they also transport microbes which may be dangerous to human beings and even cause allergy.

The most common roaches in the UnitedStates

So, just where do roaches come from?

Just like all other pest species, it is difficult to ascertain their origin. The cockroaches’ names also cause confusion. For example, it is believed that the American cockroach came by boat to America from Africa.

Today, it is unanimously agreed that the origin of roaches is from the subtropical and tropical Africa areas and that they were internationally transported through such means as boats. Today, trans-location still takes place. Recently, the Asian cockroach has been noted in the southern part of the U.S.

Update: In January of 2014 the Science Daily wrote an article stating that the cockroach may have originated in North America.  There were fossils of the cockroach found in the Green River area of Colorado by David Kohls. Supposedly these fossils date back 5 million years before the ones found in Europe.

The European fossils were for years considered the oldest ones know. Therefore it had been assumed that is where the cockroach originated. The original article came from The “Entomological Society of America

This certainly puts a new light on where roaches come from, doesn’t it? Who knew this stuff could be dated back that far. I didn’t even know time existed then?

Roaches may be found in the cleanest living and business places since in most cases, people bring them in unknowingly. They have nocturnal habits and it is difficult to realize that they are already in.

In no time, they multiply. Roaches may get into your house by crawling through pipes, tiny gaps on the doors and other open spaces. Some adult roaches may be fairly big but can easily get through very thin slits; as small as 0.15 centimeters.

Generally, it is believed that roaches are only attracted to households that are dirty or messy. This is however not true even though this could have their stay extended. The more debris, food scraps, paper, etc laying around the more likely you are to have them and this will allow them to multiply.

Rather, roaches that invade homes look for moisture, warmth, and darkness. Foods left uncovered over the counters attract roaches even more. These pests are prevalent because they flourish on very little food. They only require food, water and warm shelter to thrive. They like nesting indoors on such places as behind photo frames, under the sinks and spaces in walls.

Where do Roaches Come From

Roaches may infest the following places:

(*) Businesses and restaurants

  • German cockroaches may be carried in with food packages delivered from suppliers and warehouses. This is a very common thing, especially because of merchandise having prolonged stays in warehouses where roaches can survive for years.
  • When cardboard and food boxes containing equipment are delivered, there are high chances that cockroaches could be in the packages.
  • Cockroaches move through buildings that are attached, through the walls and from one business to another. They travel through water pipes, electrical wires and hollow walls to the building that is attached next.


(*) Homes and apartment buildings

where do roaches come from

  • Cockroaches may climb on the clothing of workers working at food serving points who then bring the roaches at home
  • Cockroaches, as well as their eggs, may be found in cardboard boxes and paper bags from stores which are then carried into a home or apartment.
  • While coming for a visit, people with cockroaches in their homes may inadvertently bring along cockroaches to a friend’s home
  • In case the stores or apartment is attached to another building, cockroaches can travel from one apartment to another through water pipes and electric wires, crawling through the hollows behind the walls in search of water and more food.

The following are some of the common places where roaches may originate from:

1) Grocery Store

This is probably the most common place to transport roaches home from by means of your vehicle. Cockroaches like eating food. Since products are shipped in grocery stores from all over the world, it may take just one supplier to invade all other suppliers. Since most groceries are packed in paper and roaches like such places, they end up getting home. Soda cases and beer crates are other places where you may find roaches.


2) Used Appliances

Where do Roaches come from

Always avoid buying used appliances unless you know that it is from a clean home. Roaches like dwelling in such appliances as ovens, microwaves, fridges, dryers, and washers. Avoid taking used appliances from apartment complexes. A lot of appliance repair shops check for roaches and bugs when they take in a used appliance to resell. If you are purchasing a used appliance from a shop always ask if the appliance has been checked for bugs! If not, make sure you use roach spray and check it before you install it i your home or apartment.



3) Shipping Materials

Paper and wood are shipping materials that are quite common and which cockroaches like. In case a warehouse is infested, then be sure that the next place roaches will visit is your home, if you buy wood from there. It is recommended that boric acid be made into a paste and applied in strategic areas so that if the roaches come, they will not survive for long.


4) Neighbors

In case your home is a dwelling attached to a neighbor’s home, roaches may spread rapidly without being detected. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that water, as well as food sources, are sealed because roaches like water and food. The neighbors can even transport them to your home without even knowing it.


5) Outdoors

where do roaches come from

There is a large concentration of roaches in the hot and humid outdoor areas. They can occasionally come from your yard. In order to eradicate outdoor roaches, some people use a mixture of fertilizer and boric acid baits are recommended. There are also some sprays on the market that will eradicate them when applied properly.

My hopes are that our article on where do roaches come from has been enlightening and helpful. Our purpose for this article was to try to find the origin of the cockroach and also let folks know where and how they are transported into their homes.

If you by chance run into a problem in your home or business with a roach infestation, you can try some of the remedies we have here listed on the site.

Some very common places where roached can come into your home:

  • Dryer vents. These go through your wall and need sealed also!
  • Openings drilled through your walls for outside cables. Tv, Internet, phones, anything that passes through your wall needs sealed!
  • Air Conditioner vents. The metal pieces that your floor vents fit into are called, “boots”. These boots are normally just tacked into the flooring with 4 – 6 tacks to hold them in place. Have them sealed with caulking to keep roaches and other bugs out!
  • Entrance Doors. Check your threshold and seals around them. A roach can get through the tiniest gap.
  • All Windows. Check all your seals here also.
  • Garden hoses. Some folks have through the wall hoses. Be sure they are sealed securely!

Now that we have covered practically everywhere roaches come from, including the very beginning, it is time to get to work eradicating them form your home if you have any!

Don’t forget, if you need a professional exterminator to give the professionals a chance to give you a Commitment Free Quote below!

where do roaches come from