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The Best Roach Bait

best roach baitWhen considering what is the best roach bait, it is sometimes hard to determine just which is best. I guess sometimes it can depend on the situation and the environment you are trying to eradicate them from. For most of us who are adults, we have had a time in our lives when we had to deal with these pests!

Time and technology have advanced and there are many more cockroach baits, sprays, gels and deterrents available than there ever was when I first got married. I have had to fight roaches and it is not always an easy task to get rid of them.

Folks who have battled roaches and won have written the reviews below. Sometimes it took a little longer than expected but still, it was worth the time spent! There are a few roach products listed below for your benefit. These are all 4 and 5 stars rated roach baits. In short, these are the best of the best roach baits!

For the best roach bait, read the reviews below.

  1. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait,

 Together with my wife, we own a condo in the city. For many years, we struggled against cockroaches till we came across the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. Through the years, this is what we have learned:

  1. Pro grade and consumer baits never work. Over time, roaches will use them as mini condos.
  2. In a building that is heavily infested with roaches, there is no type of cleaning that can prevent them from coming. You will always find a new supply of roaches from dirty neighbors’ homes.
  3. At any one night, the roaches you see are probably 2-5 % of the total number of infestation.

Unexpectedly, we came across Advion Cockroach Gel Bait and our lives changed completely. This product is the same one that expert pest controllers use. Why should one pay a premium for pest control services when you can find the same product from Amazon? Do not stuff your house with mist or gas. Advion should be applied to cabinets, bathroom, kitchen or other places where roaches may be found with a spacing of every three feet.

The following is what one can expect after using the product:

  • Day 1- Many roaches die. They crawl out from anywhere they have been hiding and drop dead plainly on the floor. You can sweep up to 10 adult roaches after every hour.
  • Day 2- Carnage still continues
  • Day 3- Carnage reduces
  • Day 4- There is a noticeable reduction in cockroach deaths and prowling
  • Day 5- Few deaths here and there
  • Day 6- Total control is almost attained

This is repeated every 3 to 4 times in a year to prevent the roaches from coming back. The product effectively works as a killing agent. When the cockroaches share and eat the bait with others, they all die slowly. Normally, roaches cannibalize on each other. Therefore, those roaches that eat the dead roaches die as well. We found this to be the nest roach bait for us. Nothing has ever come close to working like this product.

  1. Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder

For twenty years, I had never seen a roach in my apartment. However, two years ago, they invaded the garage and before long, there was an influx. In fact, I saw one that was as huge as my finger.

Left alone, they can grow to huge sizes. Ugh, this is not a pretty sight to behold either!

Although the landlord hired an exterminator to come in twice a month, I did not find any changes. They only lay low for a while before storming back. It would be of great benefit if the other tenants in the apartment cared about the prevention and control of cockroaches.

I learned that the pests moved next door and returned to my house just after the heat cooled down. Even though my neighboring tenants from either side repaint their houses after moving out, this does not keep the roaches away or from coming back.

I used to use weak sprays, order DIY exterminators and mop up the floor for cleanliness for my sanity. This would only work for a while before they return. When I grew tired of this, I thought about boric acid; my grandmother’s recipe for roach free homes. I went searching for this product on Amazon and I finally got it; the Harris Boric Acid Roach Powder.

I purchased it and sprinkled it on every place not accessible by the cats. Always take your pets into account before using any baits or gels for roaches. The results were amazing. All I had to do was sweep the dead cockroaches. Indeed, my grandmother was right all along. The stuff works marvelously. Covered in white powder, the roaches just stagger from their hiding places. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective roach killer.  This is no doubt one of the best roach baits around. If it was good enough for grandma it is good enough for me.

  1. Invict Roach Gel

After moving to our new house just a few weeks ago, roaches appeared from nowhere. We tried different methods to get rid of them but they would not go away. In fact, it is now two years since we started fighting them but they were still very stubborn. The infestation was very serious and there was nothing that our landlord would do about it.

The roaches were visible both during the day, night and at any hour. This happened until we came across the Invict Roach Gel. Within a week of using it, the results were unbelievable; this stuff really works.

As I write this, we have been using this gel for slightly over one week now and the problem is not there anymore.

Today, I can wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of drinking water and I find fewer roaches than I previously used to see.

You cannot spot any during the daytime and only few can be spotted at night. This product has a magical effect.

We started by placing it almost anywhere we could and out of the reach of dogs and children. For over a week, I have been checking in all these places each day and where necessary, put down more. If all goes well, this will be the solution that will have brought to an end our two-year roach battle which will have been accomplished in just a few months. This has turned out to be the best roach bait yet.

Recognizing the enemy is another key to accomplishing this task. Even when there seems to be no more left, it is important to keep some Invict Roach Gel Bait for some time in the high traffic areas. This is to ensure that they do not resurface. At all times, I will keep in mind that this is a very amazing product regardless of what anybody else says about it. It has been our sanity saver! Those things were driving us crazy!

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

For almost twenty years now, I have been using the diatomaceous earth and have continued to discover other new uses. The product is safe on food products such as beans, grains, flours and pasta. Since it is food grade and edible too, dried products can be kept bug free. You can still add it on pets’ food to keep their intestines free of pests. This product is also added on swine, poultry, large stock and rabbit feed too. The main benefit of the Diatomaceous Earth is that it eliminates intestinal pests of animals, destroys flies and other farm insects and bugs hence keeping low the fly population.

Freely dust it around the garden beds and avoid inhaling the dust since it may be quite irritating. DE effectively kills grasshoppers, earwigs, armor bugs and other pests that have waxy bodies. It works by scratching the insect’s body, making it dehydrated before it dies off. What’s more? The product is not adversely affected by rain or water; it just dries up and continues with its work.

It can be applied at any time of the day and any period of the year when you notice pests in the house. The product also works well when getting rid of ants. All you need to do is sprinkle DE around the nesting area or along the ants’ trail. They will take the dust along with them on their feet and legs to wherever they go.

When the problematic area is dusted, the infestation disappears rapidly. Snails and slugs are affected differently in that they become gummed’ when traveling across the dust. When going to the patio or garden in the morning, I shake the dust on roaming slugs or snails. If there are any slime trails, I usually dust them around the areas that are moist in order for the snails or slugs to cross this line when they emerge.

For good health of the intestine, I put 1/2 teaspoon in my morning oatmeal. In liquids, it is hardly noticeable while it is hard to recognize it when putting in foods. You only require stirring it in and let the beverage settle for some time before consuming it. Notably, DE is not harmful to earthworms, lakes, and water systems and is also non-toxic to fish.

In case you keep pets, you may also dust them to get rid of ticks and fleas. This may also be sprinkled on carpets to kill spiders, fleas, and mites. From my point of view, this is the best product for protecting my garden and health.

  1. Vendetta Roach Gel

It is embarrassing to admit this; we moved into a house that had a horrible cockroach infestation. I had tried all ways and means to eliminate them without any success. I used baits, sprays, bombs and roach motels but none of them seemed to be working.

I started thinking of moving out but I met a friend who introduced me to Vendetta Roach Gel. This saved me the trouble of moving. I cleaned the kitchen and cabinets thoroughly and ensured that all cracks were filled. I then applied the gel. I have been using the product for a few days now and have not noticed any bug since then.

Certainly, the product is worth the money besides being simple to apply. If you want to fight cockroaches, this is the solution. This product is very good; it worked miracles for me and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone facing cockroach infestation problems. If need be, I will be buying more in future.

You can find it on Amazon at a very fair price. No doubt you will get value for your money.

So, what is the best roach bait you have used? Have you used any of the above? Do you have a testimony you would like to share with us? If so, you can share it with us through our Contact Us Page.


6. Professional Roach Exterminator

We also offer a Free Search Quote for Local Professional Exterminators! Our search feature allows you to find professionals in your area who deal with infestations all the time.

This feature allows you to request the date and time of day to be contacted along with the means of contact. You can request a phone call or email. The choice is yours. So, if you don’t have time to spend on eradicating the roaches yourself, give our Search Quote a try!


Thank you for reading our best roach bait review. We hope this has been a help and will be beneficial to aiding you in finding the best roach bait for your situation.