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The Best Roach Killer ~ The Top 3 and How to Use Them.


When looking for the best roach killer it is important to review all the sprays and gels available. It is also important to compare your method to the homemade methods of killing roaches.

There are many methods and way that people use but only a few are really successful in eliminating them. Lots of times the roaches are only temporarily stopped only to return again because the eggs were not killed.

Having roaches in your home or place of work can be a stressful and terrifying experience. If you don’t have the funds to call out a professional pest exterminator, or just want the satisfaction of tackling the infestation on your own – you need to use the best roach killer you can find.

The Best Roach Killer

Best Roach Killer


In this article I have reviewed the three most effective products on the market. All of these products are incredibly effective at killing roaches, and are able to clear out infestations.You should always read the instructions carefully, and apply them as directed As well as using products to kill roaches, you need to take measures to stop them from returning in the future.When you find out where they were nesting, find out why they chose that area and what kept them alive. Roaches need a supply of food, water, and thrive in warm areas.

So start by cleaning and clearing out any clutter or debris from the area before applying treatments. Then keep the area clear afterwards, and fill in any gaps in walls and woodwork the little critters can use to return.

Roaches communicate via releasing pheromones, and will return if they are able to release theses pheromones. So it’s important you completely clear the area, as well as treating it with poison to kill them.

Three of the Best Roach Killer Products

No,1 Best Roach Killer

Advion Cockroach Gel BaitAdvion have a firm reputation when it comes to effective pest control.

Their Advion Cockroach Gel Bait works by eliminating the ecosystem the roaches have developed and are living in. It’s formula is very effective at attracting cockroaches, hence the ‘bait’ name. They eat some of the gel, get the substance on their bodies, and trek it back to their nests.

So not only are you killing the roach that finds the gel, the product is designed to spread among the nest. This is far more effective than spraying a repellent at individual roaches.The active ingredient in this product doing the work is indoxacarb. This ingredient is very toxic to roaches, and it’s known to kill German, Australian, American, and Asian roaches, all variants of pest that are commonly found in homes and places of work.

How to Use It The product comes in syringes, which makes it easy to apply in long lines or to spread over an area. You can apply to cracks and holes the roaches are using to crawl in, or line a perimeter around their food or water source.

You only need to put down drops of around quarter of an inch in diameter, and a few of these are normally enough to wipe out smaller infestations. Repeated treatments over a week or so will cull the larger infestations.

No. 2 Best Roach Killer

Bengal Roach Spraypets Spray products have a bad name in general, and rightly so as a lot of the sprays on the market don’t work too well.This isn’t the case with this Bengal Roach Spray, it’s proven to be very effective and has a wealth of feedback from owners to validate this. Like you other sprays, you should try and spray the roaches directly.

But unlike other sprays, this product stays active for longer than just the few seconds you’re spraying it. In fact, this product stays active for up to 24 hours after you have sprayed it on an area.

This means that roaches coming into contact with the product are being affected, and carrying the poison back to their nest.The main active ingredient in this product is permethrin. Permethrin is effective at killing roaches, not suddenly, but over a few hours. Which gives the roaches time to spread the product among each other.

How to Use It It couldn’t be any simpler to use, you make sure the nozzle is facing the right way and spray the product onto any roaches you can see, and covering any areas you know they visit.A couple of interesting features of this product is that it’s both dry, and odorless. Being a dry spray you don’t have to worry about leaving a sticky mess behind, and being odorless it’s not unpleasant to smell like some inferior products.

No. 3 Best Roach killer

Harris Roach Powder Boric acid is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to killing roaches in this masses. Some believe it’s outright the most effective, but it can depend on the species of roach in some instances.

Either way, you’re going to start killing roaches the moment you put some boric acid down, and the Harris brand is possibly the best on the market. This product comes in powder form, and there is an attachable applicator tube to help apply the powder to specific areas.

You can also squeeze it into holes and other hard to target areas, it’s incredibly easy to use. Boric acid typically takes between 1-5 days to clear an infestation when applied generously to the affected area. Make sure you keep clear of the area yourself as it’s a toxic product, and let it work its magic.

How to Use It Being a power you have the option of just dusting it over a large area, or drawing lines with the applicator attached. You can also mix some powder with sweetened condensed milk, making a sticky and sweet paste that will attract roaches and make for an edible poison they just cannot resist.

Always remember to take your pets into account when using any kind of treatment that contains any source or portion of poisons. Some treatments may be more dangerous than others so always read the instructions and warnings before applying to your home.

If you feel that you may harm your pets or are just not able to do your own treatments after reading the instruction or purchasing the product, you can always call an exterminator.We have a free link on our site here that will allow you to contact a local exterminator at no cost and get a free quote either over the phone or in an email. The choice of preference and times for quotes are up to you.

How good is that? Pick the time and way you are contacted and it is all free!

That free service is here at Free Pest Exterminator Quotes.

Thank you for reading our post on the Best Roach Killer. We hope you have been able to determine what you need and how best to approach your problem.We have several other article on this site that give lots of detail and information on roaches. Please browse through the menu items above for all the information available.5 ways to get rid of roaches.

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