Roach Treatment

The Best way to get rid of Cockroaches


Best way to get rid of CockroachesRoaches are common and resilient pests. So, what is the best way to get rid of cockroaches? Undoubtedly, the best way to get rid of cockroaches is calling over an exterminator who tent infested houses. The exterminator covers the whole house in a tent in a similar manner to a circus show.

The whole building is then fumigated using roach poison for some few days or weeks. Tenting enables the poison to penetrate to places where roaches are hiding or nesting and places where you would not be able to reach with sprays or traps.

In the meantime, you need to temporary relocate to somewhere else together with your pets as the roaches are killed. You will also need to remove all foods from the house to protect it from poison getting into it.

This method is rather expensive and while it may be the best way to get rid of cockroaches, for most families it is impractical.

Other alternatives

If you are not able to hire an exterminator to tent the building, the next best alternative in eradicating roaches is still talking to a professional roach exterminator.

An exterminator specializes in eradicating pests from businesses and homes. The process of getting rid of cockroaches is not only time consuming but also difficult if you try to do it yourself without any knowledge of how to approach this task. Moreover, if it is not carried out in the right manner, there is high probability of the pests returning.

Hiring an exterminator is beneficial in two aspects:

  1. They can access professionally graded roach poison. The exterminator is able to assess the situation at hand and use the most suitable insecticides for killing roaches. All roaches are not the same and the professional exterminator can and will determine the kind of roaches you have. The most common is the American, German and Brown Banded.
  1. The professional knows exactly what it takes to eradicate pests completely. Note that depending on the climate and area, roaches behave differently and an exterminator may be the only one who can understand the cockroach species in your area and how to handle it. Many roaches dehydrate quickly and will stay in the deep dark recesses and not venture out until all lights are out. These are hard to find and this requires help!

Controlling cockroach infestation permanently requires an approach that is integrated. This involves exclusion, deterrence strategies and other methods of killing roaches actively. That said, one may make major progress by dusting and baiting using boric acid and also by deploying gel like insecticides in strategic locations.


Other useful methods include:

Remove all Food and Water

In order to survive, roaches require water and food and you will therefore find them where they can obtain these. As such;

  • Ensure that all food is kept in containers that are properly sealed in plastic bags or jars before storing in drawers and cupboards.
  • Vacuum, clean the floor and wipe all shelves and cabinets.
  • Do not allow garbage to pile up; remove it outside every night.
  • In dark areas such as behind the fixtures and under the counter, provide ventilation in order to avoid condensation.

Lock Them Out

  • Seal all the cracks on the walls and floors with caulk
  • Trim trees, bushes and shrubs around the house since those branches that touch the roof act as a roach bridge
  • Inspect all things that you bring to the house whether they are clothing, groceries, appliances and furniture.

Dust or bait them

Even though different types of roach baiting traps can be bought, you can make some at home easily by using boric acid.

Cockroach Baits

Generally, bait should contain less than 5 % of boric acid; if in excess, cockroaches will not eat this. Even though there are several formulations, making one that is effective requires you to mix some condensed sweetened milk with the powder so as to obtain a sticky paste. Place the bait on waxed paper at places where you spot the roaches.

A gel bait may alternatively be used which easily spreads in corners that are hard to reach.

Using Boric Acid to dust

Another effective way of killing them is spreading on the ground a fine boric acid layer in places where roaches can be seen. The powder gets stuck on the roaches’ legs which they then ingest. In order for this method to effectively work, the layer has to be very thin since the cockroaches will avoid it if they feel or see it.

Place the powder in a plastic container and blow the dust as you squeeze the container. Ensure to treat the corners and voids in closets, cabinets and room corners where you get to see them frequently. From the closet or cupboards, remove all items and clean them thoroughly before puffing the dust into the crevices and cracks where roaches walk through.

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