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If you’ve spotted a cockroach in your home, place of work, or anywhere on your property you are probably looking for the quickest way to remove them. I must say these things terrify me! I can just imagine them multiplying at lightning speeds! This leads to an infestation if not dealt with quickly. So, I want to know the best way to kill roaches and get rid of them fast!

They are horrible little pests, and it can be distressing and upsetting to see them in your kitchen. They carry diseases and will contaminate food and surfaces in kitchens. Unfortunately they are most commonly found in kitchens due to the food source, and dealing with them in this room takes some care and attention…

They are several different species of roach that are commonly found in the US. They range from around half an inch, to three inches in length. There are a few different reasons why they will start coming into your home, and they require a few elements to stay there.
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The five species of common household roaches

Let’s take a look at why roaches may be comfortable in your home.


The number one reason for roaches to enter a home is to take advantage of any food. They need food, and will eat just about anything they can find. But human food is high on their list of priorities.

So remove all possible food sources. Clean every square inch of your kitchen, use disinfectant spray to clean surfaces and the floor. Remove all of your food and lock it in air-tight containers in a different room.

When you start using products to poison the roaches they will die off a lot quicker with no food.

Humid shelter

Roaches thrive in humid conditions. If you live in a humid climate, you will already be aware of roach problems. Once you know you have roaches in a room, take measures to reduce the humidity.

Use a dehumidifier, cover the windows, and keep the area dry. The roaches will be using the humidity to gain water too. If you see any obvious signs of water supply cut them off. Check taps for drips, touch pipes with your hand to see if they are damp.


Clutter is another reason you may have attracted roaches and are struggling to remove them. They are fairly small pests, and will find any small nook or hole to hide in. Clutter provides not only endless places for them to hide, but also things to nibble on.

Roaches love eating paper and cardboard. If you have lots of boxes or newspapers piled up you’re at high risk of attracting roaches if they are nearby. Once they have found places to nest in all the clutter they will send out signals and call more in.

Best Way to Kill Roaches with Products

Keeping your home clean and tidy makes it difficult for roaches to nest and multiply. But to remove them entirely you are going to need some heavy duty poison.

There are a few different options available, and depending on your own preference and the severity of your roach problem you need to select the best product available. Boric acid is well known to be one of the most effective poisons, and your products will certainly involve this.

Traps and baits are also effective ways to kill roaches. You can set these up a little more methodically and try to target certain areas. I would say they are less effective with huge infestations. In these instances you will need to apply a lot of boric acid first to thin the numbers first.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most effective products. Here are the best boric acid, traps, and gel baits on the market.

Boric Acid

Hot Shot MaxAttrax Roach Killing Powder

Boric acid is very effective at killing roaches, and is the go-to product used by professional exterminators. This product from Hot Shot does the job, and does it very well.

You can use this if you have just a small infestation, all the way up to seriously large infestations. Just place it all round the areas you have seen the roaches, and it will do the rest.

It couldn’t be any easier to use, you just drop the power where you want to kill the roaches. Then mind your step, and ensure there are no food or drinks anywhere near the poison.


Combat Source Kill Max Traps

Using traps is a more hygienic and safe way to catch roaches. They are not as effective on large infestations, but offer a cleaner and more discreet way to tackle the roaches than putting powder down on floors and surfaces.

Again, they could not be any easier to use. You don’t need a professional exterminator to help, you just open the traps and place them where roaches have been seen.

Place them out at night, then take a look in the morning. You will be more than happy to see a few roaches dead inside.


Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Baits are important when killing roaches as they lure the roaches in then poison them. Both killing the roach that came into contact with the bait, and leading the bait back to the nest.

This product comes with a syringe, so you can apply in drops to the areas you want to target. It’s works extremely fast, you will start to see the evidence of dead roaches within a couple of days.

Within a week or so most users of this gel bait report that their roach population has all but disappeared.

In Summary

The plan of attack is laid out clearly above. Make the living conditions difficult for the roaches, then be strategic with your traps and boric acid to kill them off. You may have heard stories from people about finding it impossible to remove roaches from their home, it’s not impossible.

Boric acid, gel baits, and traps will kill roaches. With the other elements of minimizing the food and water supply, and keeping the area clear and clean, you will see the numbers reducing quickly.

Don’t forget, if you don’t feel like you can eradicate them yourself we have a Free Service on our Blog. We offer a Free Price Quote from roach exterminators in your local area! You can use our Free Service Here! No one will visit or call without your approval. You local exterminator can give you the correct information for the best way to kill roaches you have in your home or business. Some roaches are harder to kill than others.