Roach Treatment

What is the Best Cockroach Spray


When it comes to fighting or preventing cockroaches we often wonder what is the best cockroach spray? They are many and several of them are very god sprays! To determine which ones are best we need to look into some reviews.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in our houses and buildings. There are more than 3500 species. A very few of them cause problems to people. The leave a very bad odor and make the households dirty. For this reason they are called pests.

They spread many germs of diseases and causes allergy to human beings.

These are five of the most common species of roaches, the American Roach, the Australian roach, the oriental roach, the brown-banded cockroach and German cockroach.

The American roaches are large in size and shiny reddish brown color.

The Australian roaches are smaller than American roaches and darker in color.

The Oriental roaches live mostly in cool temperature.

The brown-banded roaches have brown bands around them and very small in size.

The German cockroaches are the most available around the world and smallest in length.

Cockroaches move freely from place to places though drains, water pipes and sewages to enter households. They like to live where there is food, warmth and moisture.

Cockroaches infect human though food. They spread germs and contaminate the foods. Roaches spread germs of dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, leprosy, plague and many viral diseases.

Protective Measures:

Favorable condition for roaches are warm and wet areas. They can’t survive outdoors in cold seasons. Keeping the household clean is the best measure for controlling roaches.

It is very hard to control cockroaches with insecticides because they develop resistance against the commonly used chemicals. It only gives relief for a short time. The best way is to keep the home clean and improve environmental sanitation.

Cockroach Sprays are commonly applied with household plunger-type sprayers and also can be used by hand compression air sprayers. The sprayers are composed of nozzles to spray into crevices, corners and hard to reach places.

The use of aerosol sprays or foggers guarantees exposure to the pesticides active ingredient.

They work through inhalation of the spray droplets and the surfaces, which are exposed, are contaminated. A cockroach spray is safer than bait because children or animals can eat the bait station or touch it, which can be hazardous for their health.


The most commonly used cockroach sprays are:

          1. Siphotrol Plus Area Treatment Pump Spray by Vet Kem



      # It kills adult cockroaches when it comes in contact with them. # It stops roach eggs and larvae from growing into adult roaches. # 24-ounce pump spray treats 300 square feet. # Water-based formula won’t leave any residue. # Most suitable for carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture and pet bedding    


          1. Real-Kill® Ant & Roach Spray



      # This spray is unscented # The spray contains 17.5 oz.    


          1. Siphotrol Plus Area Treatment Pump Spray for Homes 24oz



      # The spray kills adult roaches. # This spray stops roach eggs and larvae from developing into adult. # It is a purely Water-based formula # Suitable, Perfect for using in houses and pet bedding    


          1. CV-80D Farm and Dairy Fly Spray



      # It rapidly removes flying roaches in ditches and farms. # It gives quicker result # This spray doesn’t need shaking because it is a non-water based formula. # It is specially made for killing of roaches in agricultural use. # It can be used as an initial spray. # It can be directly used on animals. # It is permitted for using in food areas.    


          1. Bengal Roach Spray



      # Bengal Roach Spray is a permethrin-based product # This spray can get into deep crevices and cracks to control roaches. # This spray can be reused every four or five weeks if required.    


          1. Flea and Roach Spray RTU by Bonide



      # This exceptional formulation kills fleas and roaches on contact # This spray breaks their life cycle by killing larvae, eggs, and adults. # It can be used in the home wherever roaches are a problem. # This is a Water based compound. # This spray is safe for using on carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture and pet bedding.    


          1. B & G Accu-Spray Sprayer (24000040)



      # This compact sprayer is preferred for using in commercial and residential areas.    


          1. Raid cockroach Aerosol Spray:



      When a roach comes in contact with raid spray it dies. You need to use this in places where insects and pests can hide. It’s very easy to use.    


          1. Black Flag Roach Killer Aerosol Spray:



      Black flag roach killer aerosol spray kills when it comes in contact with roaches. This spray is very useful for killing German cockroaches. Benefit of using this spray is, it leaves no mess and stain.    


          1. Eco Defense Organic Home Roach Control Spray:



      Naturally kills and repels house Roach. The roach control spray made of completely all natural organic ingredients and commonly found on the market. Eco defense is not only fast acting but also long-lasting. This spray is safe to use around children and pets.

The use of a cockroach sprays will help you eradicate your roach problem and can also be a good preventative measure when you are moving into a new house or apartment! When moving it is especially important to be careful because many times we get our boxes from retail establishments and many of them have roach problems without us knowing it. It is very easy to carry cockroaches into our homes through these measures.