Roach Treatment

Health Risk of Roaches


Here are some of the health risks associated with cockroaches:

Health Risk of Roaches

Food Contamination Roaches eat just about anything they can find. As well as eating the food we do, they also eat paper, glue, soap, animals, and general debris. So even if an area looks to be very clean, these bugs can find food somehow. They contaminate human food by crawling over it and defecating. They also leave dead skin, hair, and empty shells. All things that make for a very unpleasant surprise.

Diseases Cockroaches carry some nasty diseases that can be harmful to human health. As they eat, they regurgitate their digestive fluids and expel bacteria from their guts. These bacterias are harmful to humans when ingested, and can cause some serious digestive issues.

Allergies Roaches are known to cause allergies. You can experience skin rashes, watery eyes, and breathing difficulties after coming into contact with items the roaches have been walking over. They leave their saliva and other debris behind, all containing hundreds of harmful allergens.

Asthma If you’re asthmatic cockroaches will make your symptoms a lot worse. Their allergens can be potentially life threatening to people already suffering, and cause the condition to start in people who do not already suffer.

Why You Should Use a Roach Exterminator

The above health risks associated with roaches should be enough to convince you to call a roach exterminator. They are trained professionals, and can remove an infestation of roaches quickly and safely. They will also know the type or kind of roaches you have in your place and how best to eradicate them. Roach Exterminator The five species of common household roaches

Typically there are four parts to the process a professional roach exterminator will carry out, these are as follows:

Survey the Area and Infestation The first thing a professional roach exterminator will do is survey the area carefully to determine how severe the infestation is. There are various methods of treatment exterminator’s use, and they typically depend on the severity of the situation. They will look to identify how and where the roaches are getting into the property. Why the roaches are staying in the property, and what they are using as food and water sources. They will always be answers to all of these questions, and professionals are very proficient and finding the answers.

Start Treatment Once the exterminator has carried out the surveying of the infected area, they formulate a strategy to exterminate the roaches. This means a complete removal, from the live roaches, to their eggs and nests. This usually only takes one visit as it’s important to sweep the whole infestation in one application so they do not have time to repopulate. A very powerful combination of poisons will be used, targeting the whole area the roaches have been seen in, as well as any potential hiding places. Sprays may be used, these have a residual effect that lasts several months. As well as boric acid and gels being placed on floors and other surfaces. You will be advised what areas you can still use while these treatments are down, and how long it will take for their effects to wear off.

Return Observations While every effort is always made to completely clear the area in one application, it’s not always possible. So an exterminator will make a return visit after a few days to see how well the treatment is working. Each exterminator work to different arrangements, but generally speaking there is a period of time they will return and carry out another application if necessary for free. Always check for any guarantees or other offers like this as it’s important to know if there will be further costs.

Advice for Future Protection A professional exterminator will give you some useful advice on why you found yourself with cockroaches in your home, or place of work. They will also advise you how you can stop, or at least make it a lot less likely to happen again. There are some materials that attract cockroaches, and certain elements they need to thrive. You can make it a lot more difficult for them to set up nests, as well as making difficult for them to stay alive. Many cockroaches come in from the outside. You can do your own spraying to save money for these if you choose to. Pick up a good spray like the Wondercide Natural Products. If you have a larger yard you will need a good Backpack Sprayer.

What to Look for When Choosing a Roach Exterminator

So you have a cockroach problem that you need dealt with, it’s time to contact an exterminator. As with hiring any professional services, you need to do some due diligence and take the time to choose the right exterminator.

Here are some tips to help you find a reputable and reliable roach exterminator:

Look for Positive Reviews If you’re booking an exterminator online, always do some searches for the company name to find some feedback from previous users. Obviously, if there is a lot of negative feedback, it’s probably a good idea to look for another. If there is no feedback at all because they are too new, or have not been used much you need to decide for yourself how you feel about the company.

Ask Some Questions Any professional company wanting your business will be helpful and friendly. Feel free to ask them some questions you have about the company, as well as how they deal with the roaches. If you’re not satisfied with any of the answers don’t feel bad about passing and looking for another company. Be sure to look at the free service offered on our site to get free quotes. This can save you lots of dollars! Some roach exterminators charge for the visit to give you a quote. You can get free quotes from our service. Local roach exterminators will contact you at the desired time you specify and how you specify. This is a great service to save you money. Find those who will not overcharge with a big service call.