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How to Get Rid of German Cockroach


How to get rid of German Cockroach

How to Get Rid of German Cockroach


In this article we will examine how to get rid of German Cockroaches, one of the hardest cockroaches there are to kill and eliminate!

The German cockroach is a species of cockroach that varies from tan to almost black and it has two dark, nearly parallel streaks on its back running from behind the head to the base of the wings.

The cockroach may have wings, but it is not capable of flying. It may glide when interfered with. Of all the cockroach species, it is probably the most widely troublesome cockroach.

The German cockroach is majorly found in places with human inhabitation, but mostly in restaurants, hotels, institutional establishments and also food processing facilities.

The German cockroach is unable to survive in severely cold weather, therefore it is mainly found in people’s homes during the cold weather period. When the German cockroach is excited or frightened, it produces an unpleasant odor.

They are mostly enticed by meat, sugar and fatty foods. During food shortage, they may feed on household items such as soap and toothpaste and even glue. When there happens to occur a severe famine condition, they turn cannibalistic, chewing at each other’s wings and legs.

They also have a queer habit of setting up nests near indoor food sources, water and shelter. Even the most well maintained kitchens are bothered by this type of cockroach.

We are all eager to know how the German cockroach can be exterminated. There are a various ways of doing this, and we will discuss this in point form. To start with;

One should remove food sources-

1) This is first carried out by making sure that you have been able to remove all the food and everything else in the infested rooms.

Since cleaning by use of an insecticide will take place so as to get rid of the cockroaches, one should also be able to notice the areas that had undergone heavy infestation and be able to seal and close the areas. This can be done with the aid of an exterminator.


2) Afterwards one should eliminate all the sources that may act as sources of food for the cockroach by ensuring that food is stored in one room in the house, specifically the kitchen. The dining room should be tidied and disinfected every day.

Foodstuffs should be stored in airtight sealed containers. All kitchen appliances should be cleaned after use; this includes gadgets such as microwaves and toasters among others. Trash cans should be covered always and taken out every night there is a cockroach problem.

3) The kitchen should be cleaned and checked for roach infestation. In case of roach infestation, all kitchen appliances should be moved and an insecticide should be used. Afterwards, the kitchen appliances may be cleaned and be put back into place.

4) Plumbing problems should also be checked. Cockroaches are fond of the dark and damp conditions provided by water leakage. Therefore to get rid of the roach problem, one should be able to clean up and ensure that there is no excess water in the homestead.

5) Looking into small appliances is recommended. In case they have been attacked by the German cockroach, it is advisable to put the appliance in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer overnight so as to ensure that the Roach will die due to extremely cold conditions. Afterwards, both the appliance and the plastic bag should be rinsed thoroughly.

Killing Roach Populations-This is achieved through the following ways;

i) Looking for roach activity which is clearly evident wherever there are black flecks of dust.

ii) Sprinkling insecticides is an advisable mode of action. The most recommended insecticide is boric acid which is only applied by sprinkling around the cabinets and kitchen appliances. The German cockroach will obviously feed on the boric acid and die afterwards.

Since the insecticide is poisonous, it is only advisable to apply it only in non-food preparation areas. If applied in food preparation areas like the kitchen and the dining rooms, it is advisable to clean up after the cockroach infestation is over. Boric acid can be purchased in

iii) After getting rid of a heavy infestation of roaches, one should purchase roach bait, which is mostly in gel form. The roach bait is applied by spreading near wall cracks and also wherever black roach flecks appear.

iv) Another course of action that may be taken is, buying of bait stations that are in form of small containers that are attractive to cockroaches. Whenever a cockroach is attracted to the container, it feeds on the bait and dies.

v) Sticky roach strips may also be employed as a course of action against the roaches. They are always replaced whenever they are covered with cockroaches. Sticky roach strips can be useful also.

vi) Some people also use diatomaceous earth so as to shield pet food from the roaches. The pet food is mixed with diatomaceous earth which is always of food grade. Diatomaceous earth is highly toxic and any cockroach that comes into contact with it eventually dies. It should be noted that the chemical is not harmful to pets, but it is harmful to humans only when inhaled. Diatomaceous earth can be purchased in


As we have seen, the German cockroach is the toughest cockroach alive and getting rid of the this cockroach may prove to be cumbersome for some folks, or perhaps sometimes you may arrive home late from work with no time to clean the house.

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