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How to get rid of roaches naturally


How to get rid of roaches naturally

How to get rid of roaches naturally? This is a question that becomes more and more important as society becomes more aware of poisons and the lasting effects or them.

While it is time-consuming to eradicate cockroaches without the use of toxic chemicals; it is worthwhile. It takes a lot of time to naturally get rid of cockroaches in comparison to when one uses powerful pesticides by calling on local roach exterminators where results are immediate. A lot of homeowners especially folks who homestead or are environmentally conscience are looking for more natural ways to eradicate them.

When you naturally get rid of them, your family is not only kept safe from harmful chemicals but the problem is prevented from occurring again.

The following are some of the most effective methods of how to get rid of roaches naturally without the use of chemicals:

By following these methods you will not find any of them that eradicate cockroaches as fast as a professional roach exterminator will but they do work on various levels of containment. Remember, the nest and eggs all have to be killed and most of these methods do not do that very quick. This means it will take some time but they do work.

  1. Prevent roaches thorough cleanliness

Just like other household pests, taking preventive measures is much better than finding a cure. You have to ensure that your house is very clean since roaches are mostly attracted to food remains and especially grease. Thus, before going to sleep, ensure to clean all utensils and avoid leaving any dirt on the sink. Clean the stove top and sweep the floors every night. Even though it may seem to be a lot of work on daily basis, if you start practicing this regularly, most residue can be easily eliminated each night. This is unless in circumstances where there are many kids or if a party is being held where the cleaning may take longer. Having a clean house will not guarantee you will never get a roach but it will most certainly help keep them away. If they have nothing to eat or drink, they are just like anything else, they will starve out and die or leave. Roaches can come into your home through many sources, so always be alert when shopping or traveling.

  1. Seal up holes and cracks

This is your holes’ inside; between the wall and the counter top and also at the baseboards. Cockroaches are able to crawl through the smallest spaces and therefore it is important to have all entries to your home sealed. Even though it may take some time, eventually, it is worthwhile particularly if you are living in an apartment and have neighbors who do not observe the same cleanliness standards like you do. To accomplish this task, you may use a caulking gun or a caulk tube.

  1. Fix all water leaks

how to get rid of roaches naturallyRoaches are normally attracted to water and moisture from leaking pipes. This is the main reason why you will find them scuttling under the sink. Some varieties of cockroaches are able to survive without food for months but only a few days without water. Therefore, ensure all sources of water are closed off by repairing them even the smallest leakages. Avoid over-watering indoor plants and do not allow water to stand for long in the sink.

There are several reasons why your sink may leak or drip. Always make sure you have turned the faucet completely off. If you still have a drip you will need to replace the old gaskets with new faucet gaskets, You can normally get a faucet gasket kit that will have gaskets t fit your faucet. This is much cheaper than purchasing a new one or calling a plumber.

Sometimes it is a simple as tightening a fitting on your drain pipes under the sink. the supply lines all have gaskets in the fittings also. These can also be replaced if you have a leak there of you can purchase new faucet supply lines fairly cheap.

  1. Make own cockroach bait naturally

Get one part of powdered sugar and mix it with three parts boric acid. The sugar will attract the roaches and the boric acid will kill them. While the boric acid is not toxic to pets or people, it is irritating. Therefore, keep it far from children’s reach and away from the counters. Sprinkle it behind and under the refrigerator, dishwasher and stove, beneath the sink and into the cracks along pantries and cabinet edges.

  1. Bring in experts

In case you have a big infestation of cockroaches and you would like to naturally get rid of them, you may contact a natural pest-controlling company. Some control companies use a substance known as diatomaceous earth on the walls of the home which is inserted through the holes around. The diatomaceous earth refers to a soft sedimentary rock which crushes easily to fine powder. It is used for various purposes including the making of skin care products and medicines. However, since it causes insects to die without having to use chemicals, it is also used as a mechanical insecticide. Therefore, one should look for a pest control company within his surroundings that makes use of this substance. It is effective and harmless to you and your family.

  1. Kill roaches softly

In case you find cockroaches in the house and you do not want to use harmful chemicals to kill them, a solution of soap and water will be quite effective. Just like other insects, cockroaches breathe through the skin; hence soap will just suffocate them and eventually die.

  1. Petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly in a jar’s inner rim. Put some fruit peelings which have a strong fragrance such as mango, banana, and apple inside the jar. Place the jar in a place where roaches frequent the most. The sweet smelling fruit peelings will lure the roaches inside the jar and the petroleum jelly inside will hold them hostage. After this empty all the contents in a bucket containing soapy water and flush them down the toilet.

Some roaches are harder to kill than others and you may have to experiment with these solutions before you find the best one for your problem.

We have written this article on how to get rid of roaches naturally in hopes that it may be a help to you in eradicating roaches from your place of residence without the use of chemicals. If for some reason you choose not to use one of these approaches and need a roach exterminator, you can use our FREE QUOTE SERVICE. This service allows you to search for a professional exterminator in your local area who can take care of the problem for you. This service is free and cost you nothing. You will never be contacted by any company unless you ask to be and you can also specify how you wish to be contacted, by phone or email.