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How to Kill Roaches Now



If you’re looking for a way to kill roaches, the first thing you need to do is create a strategy. The number one mistake most people make is just spraying, covering, and leaving poison everywhere they see roaches.

This is the wrong approach, and the reason most people are left scratching their heads when they see roaches scurrying around again a few days later. If you hire the services of a professional exterminator, they will formulate a plan – so that’s what you need to do too.

Firstly you need to understand why the roaches are infesting the area they are, and what is keeping them there. Roaches need three key elements to thrive; food, water, and warm shelter.

Finding Where the Roaches are Living

So first you need to figure out where the roaches are living before you can kill them. This is the most obvious part of the process usually as seeing them is what alerts you to their presence. They don’t typically travel a large area, so if you see a cluster of them in the kitchen, chances are they are living somewhere very close to that area.

A little tip to help you locate the most infested areas; lay strips of sticky roach traps on either side of a room. The more bugs that are caught on a strip is a strong indication of the most densely affected area.

I always recommend having a few strips handy as they are good for catching a few roaches, and while this doesn’t deal with the infestation, it helps you keep track of how severe the problem is.

Cutting off the Roaches Food Supply

Next you need to cut off their food supply as much as possible. Firstly I recommend cleaning the areas affected as thoroughly as possible, roaches enjoy feeding of bits of debris and can find sustenance from debris we just see as dirt.

Materials in particular that roaches like to eat include; newspapers, cardboard, food packaging, and general rubbish. What most people are not aware of is that roaches are drawn to paper because they contain pheromones. Which are in turn used by the roaches to transmit their location to other roaches.

This is why a lot of people first notice they have a problem when they find holes cardboard boxes of food. It’s often the cardboard or paper packaging the roaches are enjoying, not the food inside. So cutting off the supply of these material is essential to disrupt their existence.

Next you want to store all your food away securely. There are few feelings worse than finding out these horrible little critters have been nibbling on your food. So secure food in lockable cupboards, airtight containers, and anywhere well out of their reach.

Grease provides a feeding ground too, so disinfect the stove, walls surrounding the hobs, and any other areas there may be cooking grease that isn’t necessarily visible to the naked eye.

Along with food, roaches need a constant supply of water to stay alive, and worse – breed. So check the area for any places water is collecting. There are often small drips behind a fridge, or under a sink that you never noticed. So check everywhere, if there are no obvious signs of leaking, try leaving out pieces of paper under sinks to see if any water is absorbed over time.

Now you have covered the basics of what roaches need to be comfortable, it’s time to start removing and killing roaches.

How to Kill Roaches with Pest Control

So now you have removed the food and water supply from the area the roaches are infesting, you’re ready to start removing them for good. You should also have a good idea where the main problem lies, due to using the sticky strips as outlined earlier.

Boric acid and roach baits are your next weapon of choice. You can line the boric acid around any possible entry points to the room. Some roach baits come in a sticky gel form, this is ideal for sealing up points of entry too.

Obviously if you’re treating the kitchen you need to be very careful around food preparation areas. You’re working with some toxic materials, and they are hazardous to human health as well as roaches. So just a timely reminder that safety should always be your number one priority.

There are dozens of over-the-counter options when it comes to roach poison. While these are all effective in killing roaches, there are some drawbacks when compared to boric acid. Over-the-counter options typically need to hit the roaches and cannot be left out for them to find. They also don’t work as well when it comes to removing the roaches quicker than they can breed.

The combination of boric acid and sticky baits are one of the strongest combinations, and work well at attracting the pests, as well as blocking their entries and exits to and from rooms.

Be Persistent and Try Different Things

Roaches are a problem for a reason, they are hard to remove. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t think you’re achieving results after a few days, or even weeks. It often comes down to who want’s it more, and you want them out of your home, don’t you? Well, persistence and a good game plan will kill roaches!

If you have been using a product that isn’t working, try something else. There are quite a few types of roach that become pests, and they can react differently to different treatments. It’s likely you have been using a repellent, more so than effective removal. These only mask the problem and thin the numbers, and without the combination of attacks from yourself as mentioned above, you’re not going to remove them completely.

The key is to remember that there is no one stop product. You need to use a strategy and be smart about it. But fear not, you will be able to rid yourself of those roaches.

As is with the case, not everyone will want to learn how to kill roaches. Some of us are more prone to leave it to the professionals. We have a great resource here on the site for those of you not interested in killing them yourselves. We offer a free quote for your pest problems. You can get quotes for everything from roaches, ants, bedbugs, termites, etc. It cost you absolutely nothing! How great is that!

WIKIHOW has a 5 step method for how to kill roaches.

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