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Identify Common Roach Types


Common Roach Types

How to Kill German Cockroachs

When dealing with cockroaches it is handy to know what type of roach you are infested with!

Roaches are like most other insects and mammals, there are a variety of species and types of them! Like most species there are more common ones than others and these are what we will be listing.

Roach types vary in color, size and region! Lets begin shall we?

American Cockroach

American-cockroach Roach Types

This cockroach grows to between 1 – 2 inches long.

The idea temperatures for this roach are between 65 -85 degrees. As you can see, this is the idea temperature in our homes throughout the year! So, our homes make idea dwelling places for American cockroaches!

These roaches live from between 3 months and 2 years.

They do have wings and they do fly!

How to identify the American Cockroach

Length: 1.6 inches on average

Color: Reddish brown with a yellowish portion of the body behind the head.

It is considered one of the fastest running insects around!

Wiki: A study showed that the speed they travel when running is in comparison to a human running 210 mph!

Large eyes that make it very adaptable to night travel!

The secretion from these cockroaches can cause sickness and disease in humans.

The feces and dust can cause allergies and asthma in humans.

The idea habitat is wet areas but they can survive in dry areas as long as there is water present for them to get access to.

You will see these outdoors during hot weather as they enjoy the warm temperatures.

They will eat nearly anything including, cheese, book bindings containing starch, glue, hair, dried skin, plants, dead animals, even their own dead species! No wonder they can be hazardous to your health!


If you find you have an infestation of these, you might want to call an exterminator and get a quote to compare the cost or doing it yourself or hiring a professional.

German Cockroach

How to Kill German Cockroachs

 Length: Smaller than the American at 1 – 1.6 inches in length.

Color: The color varies from tan to almost black.

The German roach is one of the most bothersome of all roaches and in looks resembles the Asian Cockroach!

This is also known in some regions as the Russian Cockroach.

This roach is a nocturnal species and rarely comes out during the day. Although it does move around some during the day, it is very little.

This roach emits a very unpleasant odor when frightened or disturbed!

These roaches in particular like meat, starches, fatty foods and sugars.

When food gets short, like the American Cockroach they will turn to cannibalism eating each other’s wings and legs.

The German Cockroach is one of the harder roaches to kill. Even becoming ammune to pesticides this roach can be a troublesome one to get rid of!

This cockroach lives for 6-9 months.

They are very active, especially in heated buildings!

Asian Cockroach

Asian Cockroach

Length:1 ¼ inches.

Color: Dark brown to black, nearly identical to the German Cockroach. Sometimes mistaken for the German Cockroach.

The Asian Cockroach can fly very aggressively!

They prefer the outdoors where most other roaches prefer the indoors.

These are becoming more common to the USA, especially in the southern states.

They are attracted to light and will fly toward the light.

Because of the tendency of these roaches to live outdoors it is pretty difficult to get rid of an infestation of them by traditional means.

We would recommend calling an exterminator for a quote on this roach extraction before spending a lot of money trying to rid yourself of them.

An excellent video on, Cockroaches: Allergies and Asthma

If you think you have a roach infestation you can always check out these products recommended below for each of the cockroaches we mentioned or you can call one of our Exterminator Pro’s for a free estimate in your area. Always get more than one estimate before you hire anyone. Always ask for and check out references also!


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Do you know your type of roach or kind of infestation you have? Be sure to follow up with a good Free Quote Here!