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How to deal with Outside Roaches


OutSide Roaches

     It is of utmost importance to keep outside roaches where they belong, outside! Once they get inside, depending on the species, they become very difficult to remove. Following in this article, we deal with keeping them outside where they belong!

Roaches are one of the most rampant pests that everyone will ever come across anywhere at any point in life. They can be found in almost all places including the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, workplace, car, or even in the garden, thanks to their ability to survive virtually all types of environmental conditions.

Unsurprisingly, these creatures can invade even the cleanest of homes, where in most cases, people keep them unknowingly. Some may sneak into the house through items like shoes, bags or clothes, and multiply causing havoc.

For purposes of this discussion, this article gives a general overview about how outside roaches’ enter the house and how to eradicate them from homes. Read on to find out more.

How roaches enter homes?

Roaches can gain entry into a home in many different ways which include;

v Through items like briefcases, boxes, grocery bags, clothes, shoes, purses and so on.

v Through the sewage and drain pipes.

v Through cracks and crevices.

v Through open doors and windows.

How to detect the presence of roaches in the house.

The signs of cockroach infestation can be identified by the presence of fecal deposits, smell or damaged they cause. These indications can assist while diagnosing a roach problem in a home. It is important also to look for signs of feeding on items such as wallpapers, carpets, draperies, envelopes, utensils, newspapers and even books. This is because roaches may feed on items such as leftovers, dyes, starch, glues and other animal-based substances they may come across.

Later, they leave signs of feeding such as fecal matter and presence of mandible marks. In most cases, the size of fecal matter and mandible marks can be used to indicate the type or species of roach which carried out the damage.

Due to their feeding habits, these insects inhabit humid and unsanitary conditions such as sewers, toilets, drain pipes, dustbins and storage rooms. Dirt and germs from these contaminated environments are transmitted by the roaches to food items and other surfaces when they invade homes, causing havoc and diseases.

Due to their disgusting habits, many people despise roaches. In some cases, their sight can incite a severe attitude among some people, while some may be tolerant to low levels of the roach infestation in their homes. In any case, it is important to have strong strategies to control roach infestation at home.

Thus, understanding the behavioral traits and habits of roaches is important to controlling them. Even so, managing cockroach invasion requires a carefully planned strategy that includes survey and inspection, eradication, treatment and follow-up plans.

Treatment and prevention of outside cockroaches.

Until now, many people are still looking for solutions and strategies to keep outside roaches from their homes.

Here are ways to keep roaches away from homes outdoors.

Since most roaches in the US come from the outside, it is imperative to control them outdoors before undertaking them inside. In most cases, this is considered a preventive measure.

Here is how to manage outside roaches;

v Wettable powders or powder-type insecticides like DEMON WP should be mixed with water and sprayed on cracks and crevices outside the house. These powders leave longer-lasting residues which kill roaches that may try to enter the cracks.

v Liquid insecticides like FenvaStar EcoCap and LambdaStar 9.7% CS  can also be used for surface treatment sprays. In most cases, the most effective way to use this spray is to apply it up to one meter away from the wall.

v Granules are expressly designed for outdoor usage. Like liquid insecticides, granules have a relatively longer efficacy. This insecticide is also applied up to one meter around the perimeter of the building. Examples of these products include Niban granular baits, Talstar EZ granular and Bifen granules.

v Bait granules are placed in the roaches’ nest, unlike standard granules which kill by contact.

v Sanitation. Remove rotting leaves and other organic matter outdoors; as such moist and dirty conditions will attract roaches to feed on them.

v Inspection. Check items such as boxes, shoes, and furniture before taking them indoors as they may harbor the creatures. Wash or sanitize the articles thoroughly to remove roaches and their eggs.

v If the roach infestation outdoors has reached high or intolerable levels, hire professional cockroach exterminators.

It is important to note that roach treatment should be done regularly to avoid their build up. In most cases, the control should be carried out monthly or quarterly, depending on the level of infestation in the area.

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The treatment calendar should also be monitored from time to time to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments.