Roach Treatment

Pet Safe Roach Killers for your Home


Pet safe roach killers for the home is of most importance to most folks in today’s society.

Pet Safe Roach Killers

Pets are becoming more common than children and it is very important to use treatments that are safe not only for children but for pets also!

Roaches are irritating, bothersome creatures that can be hard to eliminate completely from the home. They adapt to nearly all environmental conditions, but many times, they coexist with humans where they derive shelter and food, feeding on unattended leftovers, cereals, juices, fruits, pasta and even decomposing materials. In turn, they destroy materials such as newspapers, wallpapers, books, and transmit potentially harmful microorganisms to human food.

Because of their close relationship with humans and pets, it is nearly difficult to treat them with toxic insecticides without causing harm to the immediate family. Indeed, every year many cats and dogs die in the US due to accidental ingestion of roach poisons. This article highlights pet safe roach killer products, techniques, and their applications. Read on to find out more.

But before undertaking any treatment method, it is important to inspect for cockroaches at home. Examine all around the building for crevices, holes, and cracks through which they can enter the house. Their infestation can be confirmed by looking out for signs such as the presence of eggs which are typically brown in color and oval shaped.

One female Roach lays one or two eggs, but one egg carries up to forty young ones so allowing their eggs to grow may become disastrous. Every cockroach also transports some microbes which may cause diseases like dysentery and fever.

Pet Safe Roach Killers

How to eliminate roaches Using Pet safe Roach Killers

There are some techniques which can be used to treat roaches at home without necessarily causing harm to children and pets. The methods are discussed in detail below.

  1. Two-in-one Ant & Roach killer and repellant

The two-in-one ant & roach killer and repellant is an organic spray that is expressly designed to eliminate cockroaches, as well as their eggs and nymphs in both indoor and outdoor locations. These sprays kill by contact, without leaving grease or stains on the surfaces. They are also ideal for spray on surfaces such as furniture, floors and other crevices where the roaches may dwell. Unlike other sprays, this ant & roach killer does not contain harsh chemicals such as pyrethrins; hence they are safe for humans, pets and even friendly to the environment.

  1. Eco-defense organic Home pest control spray

Just like the two-in-one ant & roach killer, this Eco-defense organic product is ideal for killing and repelling roaches at home. This spray provides a decent way to eliminate insect pests- especially roaches- without causing harm to kids, pets and the environment as it does not produce harmful fumes and chemicals. It is also very effective, killing the roaches rapidly.

  1. EcoSMART Ant & Roach Killer 14 oz. Aerosol

This new bug killer is prepared naturally from plant oils, and it does not contain harmful chemicals. Thus, it is very safe for use in homes where children and pets also reside. It kills faster and effectively by contact, unlike other conventional bug killers which may take longer time. It can be sprayed on regions or surfaces where roaches commonly hide including around waste disposal points, under the sinks and even behind the cabinets. Apart from killing roaches, the Ecosmart spray also kills other bugs like ants, spiders, silverfish, and crickets.

  1. Wondercide Natural Indoor pest control spray

The Wondercide Natural indoor spray kills roaches, moths, fleas, ticks, termites, spiders and other insects fast and more efficiently on contact. It is crafted using human food grade ingredients, and it does not have harmful chemicals like pyrethrins and permethrins which can hurt people and pets. Thus, the spray is ideal for use in schools, offices, and homes. It can also be applied in the kitchen as it contains food-grade materials. However, this spray should not be applied to growing plants.

  1. Baking soda and sugar

Baking soda and sugar is also an effective way to chase away roaches from homes, especially in vicinities where kids and pets are found. It can be applied as an alternative to sensitive techniques such as borax which can harm children and pets. In this method, the sugar is used to trap the roach whose digestion is then demolished by the baking soda. Besides, baking soda causes increased gas production in the roaches` digestive system, causing them to die.

How to apply baking soda and sugar for roach control

v Measure equal volumes of sugar and baking soda in a container

v Mix the ingredients and sprinkle on leftovers and other decaying matter where roaches are located.

v When the roaches ingest the treated foods, they die.

  1. Ammonia solution 

Ammonia solution can be used as a repellant for roaches due to its pungent smell that chases them away. It is applied on surfaces such as countertops, cabinets and other settings where roaches may rest on.


v Mix two cups of ammonia with one bucket of water in a container

v Wash hard surfaces and high traffic areas such as bathroom and kitchen with the solution

v Roaches will sense the bad smell of ammonia in the house, chasing them away to the background.

  1. Fabric softeners 

Fabric softener sprays are a decent way to kill roaches at home. When fabric softeners are sprayed on roaches, they go into their spiracles causing difficulty in breathing. In turn, they cause suffocation which leads to their death.

Mix natural fabric softeners with water in a spray bottle at a ratio of 3 to 2 respectively, and apply on a multitude of roaches. Make sure the spray hits as more surfaces as possible to increase the chance of eliminating them.

  1. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can serve as a decent trap to remove roaches at home, especially indoors. Smear a thin film of petroleum jelly on a broad-mouthed jar or container on its inward side. Add some foods like tea, coffee or fruit juices and leave the bottle open. Next, set the pot in a high traffic area.

The fruit peels will attract roaches to enter the jar where the jelly jam traps their legs as they try to come out. Pour away the contents of the jar every day and set it again to catch more roaches.

By following the tips and using the products listed above, one can be able to efficiently and safely stamp out roaches at home, without harming the kids and the pets.

Pet Safe Roach Killers