Roach Treatment

Roach Bites and How to Prevent Them!


Roach bites can be hazardous to one health and well being if not treated. 

In this article we will address this issue as well as how to prevent this from happening.

We will also offer some preventative measures on how to keep roaches away from your residence.

We will cover some of the top rated roach baits and give you reviews on each!

Our goal is to educate you on roach bites, prevention, and baits.

Why a Roach Bites?

I have over the past years heard folks ask or wonder if they have suffered from roach bites. Others wonder if roaches can even bit humans? The answer is, yes, roaches do bite!

Not only do they bite humans but much more! Read on to learn about roaches and how their bites affect people, how to recognize them and prevent them!

Cockroaches are Omnivores

Did you know that cockroaches are omnivores? They eat both plants and meat. This is one of the major facts that make roaches bite humans. These extreme cases, however, happen when there is a great infestation and limited food to forage on.

On ships at sea, this is when you will find roaches feeding on humans due to the lack of enough food to go around. Roaches have been known to bite humans on their fingernails, feet, eyelashes, and hands while in their sleep. They also feed on fresh corpses, as scientists discovered in their research.

So How Do You Know It Is a Roach Bite?

Roaches are afraid of living humans, that is why you will see them scurry away when you walk in. However, at night in your sleep, they are likely to bite especially callused skin or nails. They detect the food smell on you and then deliver a bite force that is fifty times stronger than their weight.

You will know roach bites from the pain. Regardless of your level of tolerance, you will feel a slight discomfort at the spot the roach bit you. This is because roaches are not clean insects, and they carry with them a plethora of infections waiting to happen.

Most common symptoms of roach bites:

1. The area will be bumpy and red. The bumps will be bigger than mosquito bite bumps. Avoid scratching them so as not to escalate the situation.

2. Skin rashes. This will be around the bump area and also result in a cluster of bumps around the spot.

3. Anaphylaxis. This is in extreme cases where the person the roach bit developed an allergic reaction to its toxins. One has shortness of breath, shock and it is fatal in most cases.

4. Asthma attack. Roaches induce attacks in asthma patients when they bite them.

Causes of Roach Infestations

There is nothing as uncomfortable as a roach infestation. You can’t have guests over without a parade of these insects coming out to embarrass you. By knowing what causes this, you stand a greater chance of staying alert:

1. Do not leave food uncovered. This only attracts the roaches to your house. Since they ardently love to feed, make sure you have covered your food or put it in sealed containers. Also, when you are done preparing, wipe down the surfaces you used to avoid any food smell.

2. Seal your garbage cans too. If you can’t cover it up, then take it outside and far from the house since these roaches are able to climb through the smallest cracks.

3. Do not leave dirty dishes lying anywhere or in the sink. When done washing them, keep the surfaces and area dry and clean.

4. Eliminate moisture in the cracks or spaces in your home. Roaches prefer moist, dark places so be sure to do a thorough check of these crawlspaces and to avoid any dampness in your home.

5. Avoid piling up newspapers or laundry as they accumulate moisture fast and become breeding places for roaches.

roach bitesroach bites

The Risks of Roaches In Your Home 

Roaches do not transmit diseases with their bite. However, that being said, there are extreme cases where humans reacted to the excretions carried around by the roaches at the time of the bite.

Any roach bites leaves one at a risk of inflammation or other serious side effects, therefore, performing first aid on the victim is important. Getting rid of the contamination of the roach is going to help prevent any diseases.

Other risks of infestations are:




Poliomyelitis virus

Staphylococcus infection



Escherichia coli​


These are diseases that cause one to have symptoms that range from severe stomach pain to uncontrollable diarrhea. Such is because roaches use the same feeding techniques as flies do: regurgitating and defecating on the food they eat. This then causes contamination and in turn infection. It is therefore very important to rid your home of them.

Most efficient Roach Baits

Combat Roach Killing Bait

Combat Roach Killing Bait, Large Roach Bait Station, 8 Count

It is designed to eliminate large roaches and other bugs. It contains Hydramethylnon that targets the nests and kills them permanently.

This is best used in areas you can’t reach easily. It is effective throughout the day without a need for replenishing.

There are eight bait stations that are also child resistant. 


1. Does not stain your floors

2. Works on the colony

3, Very easy installation

4. No Mess afterwards

5. Kills by touch or ingestion

6. Kills the Queen


1. Can take up to two weeks to start killing roaches

2.Needs replaced approx. every 3 months

3. Not pet or child safe

4. Not made for large infestations

Our conclusion on this bait is that the ppros out weigh the cons! 

If you don’t have pets or kids in the house this could do well for you. If you do, it would be advisable to be sure they are placed where the pets and children cannot have access to them.

They are not pet and child safe.

SC Johnson Raid Roach Gel

SC Johnson Raid Roach Gel

If you want a roach bait gel that is not messy and drips out of its applicator, the SC Johnson Raid Roach Gel is the one to go for. It kills all types of roaches (German or American) and works by eliminating the source first.

This gel neither runs nor oozes while still managing to reach as far in the crawlspaces as possible.

This product keeps killing for hours.

Use is not limited to only cracks but also in kitchens and bathrooms.


1. Kills al common household roaches

2. Kills roaches at the source

3.Starts working within hours of application

4. Easy to apply

5. No mixing, ready to use


1. A little expensive per ounce

2. Strong Odor

3. Fumes can be harmful f breathed

This is another very good choice in roach killers.

The scent and fumes can be by passed by reading the instructions and being careful how you handle it. 

Even though it is a little expensive, it works.

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, 60 Grams

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, 60 Grams

This roach gel formula consists of food and water that roaches look for in any house.

It works in many hours and is also good to use on cracks and crevices.

It targets the nests in the home.

This is the best as roaches are attracted to the bait and it is effective because it targets the source


1. Starts killing roaches within hours of application

2. Works on large and small roaches

3. Easy and convenient location for application

4. Very affordable


1. Comes in small doses and you will need to purchase more than one application

2.Takes more than one application to kill roaches

Our conclusion, This is a very good roach killer despite the cost per volume.

Pick up a couple of these while you are at the store and save you a trip back!

Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray, Lemon-17.5 oz

Raid Ant & Roach Killer Spray, Lemon-17.5 oz

This is a long working insect spray that works up to 4 weeks after application.

Packed in aerosol cans, it kills on contact and one is safe from ever having to touch it.

Use directly on the bugs, in their hiding areas and places they are likely to infest.

You can also use them on other household bugs.


1. Kills on Contact

2. Kills up to 4 weeks after spraying

3. Easy Use Aerosol can

4. Kills, roaches, ants, waterbugs, silverfish, crickets, spiders, and Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle


1. Some folks don’t read instructions. Shake can well!

This is an excellent roach bait. Basically most folks will not read the instructions properly and when sprayed, this shoots out a long line of spray!

The reason for this, the can has not been shaken properly!  In order for this to function properly, the can must be shaken!

Where does that leave us on roach bites? 

Roaches will bite under certain or diverse circumstances. The roach bite most likely will sting and cause some discomfort.

It is very important to treat roach bites after you are bitten. If left unattended they can cause you some problems.