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Why Roaches Bite, are they dangerous?


Many folks worry about why roaches bite, are their bites dangerous, what they look like and if they get infected easily.

Like other omnivores, roaches eat plants and flesh. These creatures can feed on both living and dead flesh, so if you live in a bug infested homestead, chances are they’ve bitten you before.

While they can bite any part of your body, in most cases, roaches love biting areas around your hands, feet, eyelashes and even fingernails. Luckily, most roach bites are less harmful although they may cause lesions, swellings, and irritation.

Roach Bites, are they dangerous?

Why Roaches Bite

In this post, we shall highlight why roaches bite as well as their effects and how to avoid or prevent roach bites. Keep reading on to find out more.

Why roaches bite?

Roaches mainly bite humans and pets for food, although it happens in rare cases, for instance when their infestation is extremely high, leading to food shortage. If there are alternative foods sources such as exposed garbage or food in the kitchen, roaches may not bite you.

When their population is left uncontrolled, their numbers might outgrow the available food sources, forcing them to look for other alternative sources. In essence, cockroaches are forced to bite to survive when the food they are supposed to eat becomes depleted due to overpopulation. Thus, it is recommended to control these pests before they reach such alarming levels.

There have been no serious cases where roaches bite humans although it has been reported in ships where roach numbers have become so overwhelming that they bite on the feet and fingers of the ship crew. In other cases, some crew members have been forced to wear gloves for protection from roach bites.

Which species of roaches bite?

Not all roaches are likely to bite humans and pets. In fact, out of the known 3500 known species of cockroaches, only about 40 of them live in homesteads where they are likely to encounter humans. It has been reported that some species like German species are more likely to bite you. Some species like Periplaneta australasiae and Periplaneta americana are known to bite humans.

How to recognize roach bites and treat them

Roach bites are not always easy to identify, but the mere presence of a roach in your bedroom or couch should warn you of such bites. However, there are symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. Their bites are often characterized by raised red bumps on your skin, resembling mosquito bites, although they are a bit bigger, and may scab over in a few cases.

These bites are often itchy and can be painful in some cases causing you to scratch around the area of the bite. You may also notice these symptoms in pets and children.

However, cockroach bites are not easily distinguishable from other insect bites such as mosquito bites because they have similar characteristics.

Roach bites are not often serious, and they heal on their own within a short while without necessarily seeking treatment, just like mosquito bites. However, you should be careful not to scratch them as you can cause bleeding, scarring or even secondary infections. If a roach bites you, try to avoid touching it and keep it as clean as possible to avoid adding germs that can cause bacterial infections. Use a clean dressing, preferably a band or gauze to prevent any infection. Also, you can apply protective body lotion such as calamine to reduce irritation and itching.

Roach Bites and what they look like!

The general idea is that cockroach bites are manageable, but you might still want to stop these bites from happening. To prevent cockroach bites, consider using eliminating the roaches for good.

How to remove them so yo don’t get roach bit!

Here is a list of some of the best roach killing strategies and products you can use to drive roaches completely out of your homestead.

  •  Bengal roach exterminator /killer. The Bengal roach spray is a great way to eliminate roaches at home, especially when dealing with a high infestation. It kills by contact, eliminating any roach it comes in touch with. In fact, some users say this product can give hope to any homeowner who has tried other strategies without getting the best results. However, be sure to read the users instructions carefully before using it. Pets and children can easily come across these products, so be sure to plan your spraying accordingly.
  • v Boric roach powder. Boric roach powders are also great for roach eradication, offering you highly effective outcome at a reasonable cost. Prepare boric spray by mixing it with water and sprinkle it around the room and under your furniture. Also, spray the powder near areas where garbage and other food remains can be found, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. However, avoid using the boric spray near your pet`s house as they can swallow them, even though they are avoidant to the product.
  • v Professional exterminator. If push comes to shove, and you feel you are unable to control the roaches by yourself, consider calling a professional roach exterminator near you to get the job done. A professional roach exterminator saves you a lot including time and letting someone who understands the problem to fix it. If you live an apartment or rented house, consider informing the property owner as it will make sense to have the all building sprayed.

Another tip to remember before hiring a professional exterminator: collect a specimen of the roaches to show the exterminator for identification as different roach species tend to have different control strategies. Once the exterminator knows which roach species they are dealing with, they will identify the best spray to use.

  1. v Roach gel bait. Unlike most other roach killer products, the roach gel bait remains in place for a long time, providing lasting protection. However, you will need to apply the gel appropriately, or you will create a mess. When using the gel directly on your floor, consider covering it using small cardboard squares and apply the gel on them instead of applying it directly to the surfaces. Hide the cardboard squares near strategic locations where the roaches are likely to be found.
  2. v Maintain high standards of hygiene at home. In places where the heavy infestation is caused by the presence of dirt or food scraps all over, you should try to clean up the areas around the homestead to rid any conditions that will encourage roach infestation. For instance, consider moving garbage disposal points away from the house.
  3. v Ask your kids to clean their hands and brush their mouths before going to bed. Maintaining such high levels of hygiene will discourage desperate roaches from biting you when you are asleep.

Always keep your kids and pets in mind when applying any type of insecticides or poisons.  Some can be dangerous to their health. For a list of non toxic roach baits check out our Pet Safe Roach Baits.

If you are having problems you cannot take care of yourself you can always get a free roach quote from our free services below. Just complete the survey with no obligations whatsoever.

If you have ever wondered what roach bites look like, you can see them here in the Roach Bite Gallery

To conclude, cockroach bites can be dangerous in some cases as they harbor bacteria and germs that can cause infections, although they are do not pose a serious threat to humans and pets in most cases. Either way, it is imperative to eradicate roaches from your home to have a peace of mind. Consider the above products and strategies to get rid of cockroaches from your home.