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The Best Roach Killer Baits for Roach Treatment


Roach Killer Baits

Roach treatment, choosing the right Roach Killer

Do you have roaches in or around the place where you live or do business? What is the best roach bait to kill them with?

When considering which roach bait is best for your situation or circumstances there are certain factors that need to be taken into account.

Lets look at how long these aggravating pest have been around and it will help us understand just how difficult it can be to get rid of them.

According to fossil evidence, roaches are known to have been present on Earth for over 200 million years and are among the most common insect species.

If the correct roach bait is used, the roaches will be eradicated in most cases. The new baits are tested beyond what folks would ever expect.

The competition is fierce and they all want your business.

 You might say each of these baits have it’s own claim to fame! They all claim to have special attributes that kill roaches better than the others.

Yet, most of the top brands work great at a low cost to you!

Do you have roaches in your home or business?

If you have seen one cockroach in your home, odds are there are many more out of view and unseen.

The journey to eradicating roaches could be easy or difficult depending on the level of infestation and the choice of treatment materials and techniques you employ.

I read where a former scientist who worked experimenting on new baits for roaches once said, if he had to bet on the chemicals or the roaches, he would bet on the roaches!

Roaches at one time built up immunities to the chemical of the past. They can still do that! That is why it is important to kill them fast and complete!

The use of over the counter roach baits, for example, is a low cost, safe and very effective technique provided it’s done appropriately.

 You don’t want to only kill the visible roaches but it is of utmost importance to kill the entire nest!  If this isn’t done, the roaches will return in a short period of time.Roach Killer Baits

Tips for preventing roaches in your home

If you’re lucky to have no roaches in your home, chances are; you have the right preventive measures in place.

It is always better to prevent a situation that to have to fix one!

Below are some basic tips you need to adhere to so as to keep the roaches out of your apartment, home or business.

  • Keep the house clean and avoid dampness, especially in the kitchen, sinks and water pipes. Repair any leaking faucets to avoid water spillage and to ensure the drainage is well in place.
  • Always store food in closed kitchen drawers, and all the kitchen refuse should be disposed of appropriately. Renovating the walls to get rid of crevices could help eliminate the hiding and breeding places of roaches.
  •  Remove any piles of boxes, newspapers and other potential hiding places of roaches. You should also keep your yard and the bushes near the air vents trimmed to prevent them from getting into the house.

Some facts about roaches

There are approximately 3000 different species of roaches in the world, each with its own habitat.

  • Roaches can live anywhere, even in the walls of clean homes but they have large colonies in the less tidy ones due to a bigger supply of food available.
  • Cockroaches love onions and mature ones can live up to a month without food but only a week without water.
  • Some species of roaches can also withstand physical injuries, such as crushing their heads off and can live without a head only to die a week later due to lack of water.
  • Cockroaches are equal opportunity invaders and they don’t care how clean or messy your home or business is.
  • Roaches may have already been in your apartment or home before you moved in, or you may have transported them with your luggage from the previous home or apartment.
  • They can also get to your home or business through the plumbing as they travel between buildings or houses in search of food, water, and mates.
  • Roaches are potential disease carriers and can cause food poisoning and even trigger allergies and asthma attacks due to the discarded feces and exoskeletons.
  • With all these fascinating facts about cockroach species, it’s undoubtedly clear that some methods of eradicating them may not be very effective.

Choosing the right treatment method can save you the hassle and worries of food contamination and even developing allergic reactions.

The use of cockroach baits as a control measure has proven to be one of the most economical, environmental-friendly and results-oriented techniques.

There are some techniques and baits that work well and some that just do not!

The things that work!

Over the counter poison Roach Baits:

If you don’t have a large infestation this type of bait normally works best as it makes penetrating the nest more effective! It is also low cost compared to hiring professionals.


These folks are wonderful when you need them!  If you have a large infestation, I would suggest contacting your local Pest Control Exterminators!

Depending on the infestation, this can cost from $100.00 and upward!  I know this can get expensive but if you don’t get control of these pests, they will worry you to no end and possibly cause health problems!

Adhesive Baits: 

Adhesive baits are inexpensive and good for the roaches you see when you turn on the lights at night! These will get on the sticky substance and be caught and you can then get rid of them.  The problem with these, they don’t kill out the nest!

The Roach Killer Baits that work!

Below are some of the top 5 roach baits that have stood the test of time with a good reputation in the market. Read on to get started.

Advion cockroach-Gel Bait

This is a high-performance and highly-attractive proprietary gel formulation designed for all roaches including American, German, Asian and Australian species.

Roaches find this product irresistible due to its non-repellant and attractive nature.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is best suited for residential, commercial and even industrial purposes.

Advion gel bait is available in four syringes each 1.06 oz. It provides the perfect spectrum and speed in a single product and this offers superior pest control while simplifying inventory management.

The entry holes into the baits have been designed to suit both the small and large roaches.

This product combines a non-repellant ingredient with a high-consumption bait for maximum efficiency and can safely be used in food-handling areas.

Black Flag HG-11020 Roach Trap

The black flag is a no-mess, no-fuss sanitary approach to cockroach extermination. This is a 12-pack insect trap that uses a very powerful attractant and is best suited for small to medium-scale roach infestations.

This trap motel has been designed to injure the roaches and trap them on a strong adhesive. The baits do the killings and you don’t have to worry about the untidy sight of insect corpses littering your kitchen floor.

To use the black flag roach motel, place it underneath or behind some large appliances such as the freezers, fridges or kitchen cabinets. Since roaches love dark places, you can also put one roach motel in some dark corners of your home and you’ll find the baits full of dead roaches after some days.

Since the bait is contained securely inside an enclosed packaging, your pets and children are safe. This bait can also trap other insects such as spiders and waterbugs that are strolling in your apartments.

This product is a great value for your hard-earned cash. Although the product may not be very effective for eradicating large-scale cockroach infestation, it’s worth the investment in the long run.

Bayer Max-force: FC Magnum Roach killer-bait

The Bayer Max-force killer bait is a safe option for eradicating roaches in your home without exposing your pets to the very danger of poisoning.

This product has Fipronil as an active ingredient which has proven over the years to be effective in killing various species of cockroaches.

It can be used indoors and outdoors both in residential or commercial areas. While in use, it’s highly recommended to avoid spraying near the baits or using any heavy detergent/cleaners in close proximity.

Although the Maxforce magnum is quite effective for roaches, the same doesn’t apply for spiders and other species of insects.

In a complete package, the product comes with needle-like applicators in a small sealed bag.  

Maxforce magnum is quite effective and you should be able to see some results within the first 24 hours.

After 4 to 7 days, you may notice a reduction in activity and you’ll need to reapply the bait in the case of heavy infestation.

Bayer Max-force is pocket-friendly and you’ll also get a free 2-business days shipping if you’re an Amazon prime member.

Combat source kill (max R2) large roach bait

With a total of 8 bait stations, the combat source kills max R2 has one of the fastest roach-killing ingredients available in the market today.

This product uses the insect nerve poison technique to kill the roaches in contact with the bait or through ingestion.

Once a cockroach comes in contact with the bait, it starts killing it simultaneously and in a few hours, you can see the results.

This product comes with a secondary nest kill, a pest eradication technique called the domino effect that eliminates the source of the infestation.

The combat source kill bait has been formulated with food ingredients that attract the major cockroach species such as the American, German and Oriental cockroaches.

The presence of Fipronil makes this bait an effective option for eradicating the large roaches and even the best-resistant roach species.

Things that “Do Not Work”!

Old folklore remedies include but are not limited to:

  • Soapy water:  This is kind of like peeing on a large structure fire. It just doesn’t work!  All you do is get them wet and slow them down a bit. You might get to kill one in this way.
  • Cucumber Peels:  Oh my goodness, where did they ever come up with this?  I have never known anyone who got rid of a roach infestation using this method!  This is a waste of your time and effort!
  • Citrus Peels:  Another fable, this only makes your place smell good and helps you forget about the roaches until you see another one! 
  • Herbs and such:  This is just another of the folklores like the others. It has no effect whatsoever on roaches!

Folklore: A body of popular myth and beliefs relating to a particular place, activity, or group of people, per Wikipedia.

The conclusion to the entire matter of roach killer baits!

Recognizing and determining what kind of roach you have in your home or business is the first step in getting rid of them!

Choosing a plan of attack and knowing your roach problem is being solved will give you peace of mind while sleeping.

You can get rid of the roaches from your kitchen area, garage and all the dark and warm corners in your apartment, home or business with these effective traps and bait techniques.

With all these options, you’ll never go wrong picking one to serve your household or business needs.  These all work!

Depending on your taste, and preference, the level of cockroach infestation, budget constraints and the roach species to eradicate; you’ll always find the best roach bait to get your covered here.

Caution to pet owners!

Some of these baits can be dangerous to your pets. If you choose to use the gels, please keep your pest out of the areas where they are applied.

If your pets lick the gels, they can make them sick and require a vet visit.

Choose the pet safe baits if you have pets who stay indoors.

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