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Roaches in Apartment, Really?


Roaches in apartment

Appartment Building copy 2In many aspects, living in an apartment is great. However, control of cockroaches in an apartment can be quite challenging. Unlike homeowners, apartment dwellers face a major problem when it comes to cockroach infestations since they do not have any control over how their neighbors live.

An extremely clean apartment dweller may experience roach problems due to a neighboring messy apartment. It is therefore advisable that management is contacted once you spot roaches in apartments and where possible use borax for getting rid of roaches.

Roaches are of different types. The sizes of the ones that infest an apartment are about one or two inches. Moreover, their color is dark red and brown. Their body size makes it easy to get into an apartment through small cracks, pipe, holes and wiring lines.

Therefore, in order to completely eradicate them in an apartment, one needs to restrict their inner movements, kill and have them migrated.

Cockroach Control Tips

Even though you get rid of a prevailing roach problem, it is almost certain that there are other cockroaches living in an apartment nearby. Just like the war on drugs, the roach battle is usually far from over for apartment dwellers.

However, it is possible to keep your apartment or house free from roaches. You can make life so difficult for a cockroach living in your apartment that the ones remaining will eventually die.

Generally, one needs to be expeditious and take preventative measures even after the roaches go away. Do not relent since cockroaches will definitely return back.

To ensure that roaches do not come back to the apartment, the following are effective tips to apply


  1. Remove garbage out on a regular basis.

Roaches in apartment copyWhen you put leftovers in the garbage bin, you may think that you are being clean but it is not the case. What you are doing is just collecting the remains in one place for roaches to feed on. Every night, ensure to remove out the trash because this is the time that roaches go searching for something to eat. These creatures do most of their feeding and prowling at night while you sleep.


  1. Sweep and vacuum all places where food particles may be found.

Sweep on regular basis if you eat from a dinner table. If you normally have meals from the living room, ensure to vacuum under the carpet or seats. Roaches manage to survive on relatively low food quantities. Therefore, even tiny food particles in the house entice them. Vacuum and sweep under the furniture as these are perfect dark spots where roaches may find a meal.


  1. Wipe all the cabinets.

Ensure that the top of all cabinets are free of crumbs and any other food particles. Clean on top of stoves, ovens, toasters and other appliances. Food particles fall under these and hence making it a perfect place for roaches to snack. Your toaster is a haven for roaches. Breadcrumbs fall into the toaster every time you toast bread. Roaches love toasters!


  1. Wash dishes after meals.

Roaches in apartment 1 copyAfter eating, always ensure to wash the dishes. Never leave dirty dishes to soak overnight in the sink or just sitting on the cabinet. Even dishes in a sink of water will attract roaches. Always, when you have seen roaches, do the dishes and put them up.


  1. Preserve foods.

Seal up all cooking supplies that are not yet utilized and all remains in containers and plastic bags. This is to prevent roaches from raiding food supplies. Ensure that food in the cabinet is secure since cockroaches will result to this just as quickly as food spillages. Put food remains in plastic containers and seal them tightly. I have seen roaches in bas that looked like they had been sealed. Even the tiniest of holes will allow them in sometimes.


  1. Don’t allow water to stand in the apartment.

Note that a constant water supply is more valuable to a cockroach compared to food. The first thing that a roach will look out for is water. Fix leaking faucets and blocked sinks immediately. Check all drains for condensation or drips. Tighten all drain fittings snugly to make sure they do not drip. Replace all leaky faucets or replace the gaskets in them.


  1. Seal all cracks in the house.

Do not allow them to easily access your house. Look for every crevice and nook around cabinets and block them. Do the same for utility pipes or outside wires that run into your house. In the first place, make it as difficult as possible for roaches to access your house. You will need a tube or so of caulking to seal up these holes or cracks.


  1. Bring out any trap.

To kill roaches, use sticky traps and place them any place where you see a cockroach. A trap serves as evidence of roaches being a major problem in an apartment if you choose to bring an exterminator. This evidence helps the exterminators to establish the roach problem in an apartment and how to effectively solve it. Most exterminators can look at a trap and depending on how long it has been set, they can tell how large the infestation is.


  1. Spray the roaches.

Periodically spray the back corners of cabinets and closets. Particularly, hit the dark places where roaches live. Be relentless about this as roaches will also be determined to come back to the house. Continue spraying even though you haven’t noticed any roach as yet. Any laxity in the spraying habits will just invite these unwanted pests back in.


  1. Bomb the entire place.

If you are going to be gone for the weekend or for several days, ensure to set a roach bomb before leaving. This is to fumigate the whole apartment hence driving away or killing any bug in the place. On returning, ensure to clean all dead bugs that you find. Be sure to read all instruction on the roach bombs as you will be instructed to place them in a particular place and what material to use to set them on.


Even though apartments are not normally as large as a house per room, they can still be a very hard place to get rid of roaches. When living in apartments that are connected to other apartments it can especially hard to eradicate them.

If the Landlord is not cooperative in helping get rid of the roaches then you will need to act on your own. You no doubt will need the help of a professional roach exterminator.

You can find an exterminator in your local area by using our Free Quotes Service. By doing this you can find local professionals and you can have them contact you at your convenience and in the manner you are most comfortable with. You can choose either by phone or email. You can also specify days that are best for you and none of this cost you anything! Honest, no cost to you!

We hope you have enjoyed this article on Roaches in Apartment! We wrote this to help you understand the difficulty and to help you evaluate the options available to you for eradicating them form your place of residence.