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Roaches in Car, Really, does this happen?



Roaches in car

Cockroaches are unpleasant pests to see anywhere, but nowhere more so than in your car while you’re driving. Seeing a roach crawl out from one of your car vents, or across the window can be a terrifying experience. So let’s take a look at some of the causes, why roaches are in your car, and how you can deal with them.

The term, roaches in car, who would ever think you could get a roach infestation in your car? Well, you can, and folks do! There have been many vehicles end up with a roach problem. How does this happen you may ask? Roaches can be transported to your car from the grocery, the department store, flea markets, etc. The list goes on and on! If you can bag it or box it or it has a reservoir to hide in, a roach can tag along!

Exterminators can be expensive sometimes and of course you will need to call around to find the best one suited for you in your area. They do and will come out and check your car or they may ask you to bring your car to them as it is very easy to do this.

Before you jump to this decision, make it a last resort if you think you may be able to remove the roaches from the car yourself and save some money. Just finish reading this article and you may decide you can do this! If not, check out our free service at the end of the article.

Why Cockroaches Live in Cars

Most of us eat in our cars from time to time. This means, if you eat food in your car there is going to be some scraps falling on the seats, in between the seats and on the floor. No matter how careful you are, and if you clean up after, cockroaches can find tiny scraps of food and find a place to live in your car. I always seem to find a fry that has hid itself under the seats or in between them somewhere.

This is the main reason for roaches being in a car. They need a source of food to inhabit an area, and if they have food they will grow in numbers and become stubborn to remove. Remember, roaches always need three things to survive, food, water, and shelter. All of which they can find in and around some cars.

Give Your Car a Good Looking Over

There is a good chance that the roaches have found somewhere to hide in your car that you are not aware of. Start off by looking under the hood, this is somewhere you may not look very often, if at all.

Although it gets very hot under the hood, there are lots of places that roaches can live. Use a flashlight and have a really good look, get on the floor and look under any sills. If you spot any roaches here, you’re likely to be near the nest.

Your local car wash will offer steam cleaning under the hood. This cleans up the engine bay a lot, and will blast out any collections of leaves and other dirt built up. You will flush out any roaches by doing this, and it’s certainly something I would recommend.

Look under the sills around the wheel arches, this is another area that collects dirt and mud. Then move to the inside and slide the seats around and check for damage to the carpet.

What Not to Use to Remove Roaches from Cars

When you are targeting roaches in a car there are some different measures to take than you would when targeting them in your home. You need to be more cautious about breathing in any poisons. Cars are enclosed spaces, and if you’re going to put poison in your car’s vents in particular you need to avoid using poison that will be airborne.

How to Remove Roaches from Your Car

Firstly you need to clean out your car, thoroughly. You will not be able to completely move all of the roaches if they still have food available. So clean everything, from the seats, carpets, and all those small nooks where bits of food can fall.

I recommend removing any loose items, such as floor mats and loose seat covers. This makes it easy to deep clean and scrub any stains and marks. Give your car a good vacuuming. We recommend a vacuum that uses hepa filters for best results. Then follow up with disinfectant.

Next you need to kill the roaches and also poison their nests. The best way to do this is with a combination of cockroach traps and baits. The good news is that roaches are a lot more active at night. So you can set up the traps and bait overnight, then remove them in the morning and not worry about anyone touching the bait while in your car.

Trapper Max Glue Traps

These traps from Trapper Max are great for catching cockroaches in a car overnight.

They are non-toxic, so you can rest easy if you have children and pets using your car. You can use them either flat or folded, and I recommend adding some additional bait to them for extra value.

They are extremely sticky, you will be surprised what turns up in these traps overnight. Spiders, roaches, anything that tries to walk across it will be permanently stuck. They are quick and easy to use, and one of the best traps for use in cars.

When done with them they are very easy to expose of. Just fold up and put In the trash. These are a very popular item for catching unwanted pest.

Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

Bait is, and always has been one of the most effective ways to catch and kill roaches. In a home you would typically place gel at spots you expect roaches to visit, they will eat some bait and die shortly after.

In your car however, you cannot just leave bait on surfaces as you would a floor. It’s not as easy to clean off afterwards, and it is toxic to humans if they come into contact with it.

So instead I suggest using bait inside like the above traps from Trapper Max. Or, you can cut some pieces of cardboard and place bait on those. But this is less effective as you cannot be sure how many roaches are eating the bait if they’re not being caught.

In Summary

If you have a problem with roaches in car, then by being smart and proactive you can deal with them. As pointed out above, firstly you need to clean your car completely and as thoroughly as possible.

Then lay traps and add some extra bait to the traps. Cockroaches are greedy little creatures, and the allure of good bait is just far too tempting to resist. The traps will work, and you will rid your car of these little critters.

To keep your car free of roaches in the future be more diligent with keeping the inside of your car clean and free of anything the roaches can feed on.

If you don’t think you can remove the roaches from your car, give our Free Price Quotes a try. You can search for local professional roach exterminators in your area. There is no charge for this service and this gives you an opportunity to find the correct exterminator for you.