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Most common Types of Roaches in Human Habitats


Most common Types of Roaches

Types of Roaches

At least 3500 different species or types of roaches have been studied and recorded in the world; however, only about 30 of them are relevant to human habitats like kitchens, yards, bathrooms and even bedrooms where they cause annoyance to you.

Despite their common occurrence in human settings, very few people can identify or classify these creepy creatures according to their classes.

In this article, we are going to draw your attention to some of the most common types of roaches you are likely to come across in your surroundings.

Keep reading on to know how to identify cockroaches which are potentially harmful to you and your loved ones.

Six common Types of Roaches in Human Habitats

German Roaches

German cockroachesGerman cockroach - Types of Roaches, also known as Blattella germanica is one of the world`s smallest roaches, measuring up to 0.5 inches long. Their coloration may range from black to brown, although some are tan.

You can easily distinguish them from other species by the two dark streaks which run the length of their bodies from the head to the base of their wings.

Unlike other species of roaches, German roaches reproduce rapidly, with a single ootheca holding up to 50 eggs which hatch and grow into adults within just four months.

Due to their rapid and large scale reproduction cycle, you might find it hard to eradicate these roaches. They can survive up to one year before they die.

The favorite foods for German roaches largely include fats and sugars although they can also live on other household items like soap, glue, toothpaste and even newspapers.

You are likely to come across these roaches in your bathroom, kitchen as well as other rooms where foods are kept.

American Roaches

American-cockroach - Types of RoachesThe American roach which is also known scientifically as Periplaneta americana is relatively larger, measuring up to one and a half inches long.

Its coloration is reddish brown with a flat wide oval body, with long wings and long segmented antennas. However, their young ones have wings.

Unlike the German roaches, the American roaches can live longer up to two or more years.

They have a relatively slower reproductive cycle, taking approximately six to twelve months for their young ones to develop and mature to adults roaches.

An American roach`s ootheca or egg case carries up to 10 eggs which are brown in color and purse-shaped.

These eggs can hatch within one and a half months to two months, depending on prevailing conditions.

Each female adult roach can hatch up to 150 roaches in a life span.

Just like the German roaches, you will find the American roaches both in warm and moist areas including your bathroom, under the sink and inside food stores. Other places you may find them include basements, drains, pipes, foundations and even crawl spaces.

American roaches can feed on anything including decaying foods, vegetables, and other dead or injured insects.

You are unlikely to face a high infestation of these roaches because their lifecycle is slow, unlike most other types of roaches.

Brown Banded Roaches 

Brown banded roach - Types of RoachesMost brown-banded roaches measure less than five inches long, and are dark brown to reddish brown in coloration, although they can be yellow.

Their wings may be darker as they near the base of the wings and become lighter upwards.

These roaches are easily distinguishable with two noticeable bands across their abdomen.

These roaches are mainly situated in warmer and drier areas like kitchens, cupboards, and washrooms.

These roaches like hot dry areas along with the before mentioned they also are found in the areas around appliance motors where there is plenty of heat and dry area.

They can be very annoying as they can have a lifespan of up to 11 months.

As is the case with most cockroaches, these can carry disease and can trigger asthma and allergies.

Asian Roaches 

Asian Cockroach copyYou are likely to confuse the Asian roaches with the German roaches because of their similarity in size and color, although they measure slightly over 0.5 inches.

They are brown or tan in coloration. However, these roaches can fly and are easily attracted to light, so they are mainly sported in the day, even though German roaches can also come out during the day. The scientific name for these are (Blattella germanica).

One aspect of this cockroach that differs from the German Cockroach is the fact that its wings are bit longer.

Another difference in this roach and the German Cockroach is that this roach seems to prefer the outdoors more often than not whereas the German Cockroach prefers the indoors.

As this is mostly an outdoor roach the weather does affect how much you will see them. In the warm weather especially in the southern states, they flourish but as colder weather sets in they will burrow into or under the leafy ground cover of fallen leaves or debris.

These roaches are mostly found in the south in these states, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Texas,

Smoky Brown Roaches 

Smoky Brown Cockroach - Types of RoachesThe Smoky Brown Cockroach can measure up to 1.5 inches long. Unlike other roaches, the smoky brown roaches are easily dehydrated, so you are likely to find them in wet places like pipes and other damp conditions, although they are rare to find.

With their wings longer than their bodies, the smoky brown roaches are good fliers and are easily attracted to light. They come out at night, entering your home when they see the light.

During the day, these roaches stay in the attic, gutters and even crawl spaces. They enter your house through vents and pipes where trees and other vegetation meet your house.

Oriental Roaches

Oriental Cockroach - Types of RoachesOriental roaches can vary in their sizes, measuring between one to three inches long. Their coloration can range from brown to reddish brown.

You can easily distinguish these roaches from their light-yellow edges on the pronotum. Oriental roaches are also commonly referred as water bags. These roaches prefer moist, damp and dark conditions where they are unlikely to get disturbed by humans.

They can quickly creep away with the sight of a human; hence they are difficult to control without professional help as pesticides can get washed away. You can find these roaches in the sewages, garages and other damp conditions.

Regardless of the type of roaches you have, you do not want any of them inside your home. Some of them can cause infections as they carry germs and foreign organisms onto your food and other living environments.

Be sure your home is protected from roach infestation by wiping them out in the approved manner.

When dealing with roaches in or around your home it is always important to remember that all roaches have the potential to carry disease and can trigger allergies and asthma .

If you discover you have roaches, regardless of the type, you need to eradicate them as soon as possible so they do not spread and become a large infestation. Some roaches reproduce at an alarming rate so be sure to contact your local Pest Control or you can purchase over the counter remedies.

We offer a free local, Professional Pest Quote for your area.  There is no cost or obligations to purchase anything from a local professional.