Roach Treatment

What are Roaches attracted to, 3 Main Areas Exposed!


What are roaches attracted to?

What are roaches attracted to

If we can answer the question, what are roaches attracted to, we can begin to eliminate the problem before it starts!

Roaches require certain conditions to live and multiply, preventing those conditions is of utmost importance in eliminating roaches.

With over 60 species of cockroaches across the USA, there is a lot of possibilities and lots of items that will attract them!

How many times have you come through the house and turned on a light just tot see one scamper away just ahead of you! They always seem to be just a few seconds ahead of you!

If you are like most folks across the country you are ashamed to call someone of admit you have a roach problem! This is a normal thing as in the past they were always associated with uncleanliness.

As we all know and have learned, these creatures and pests can get into the fines of homes! You can pick them up at the grocery, the clothing store, or a variety of places.

What are the two most common roaches in the USA? The American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. These two have different characteristics.

Although they both require the following conditions, the American Cockroach is more likely to be found in any or all parts of the house, whereas the German Cockroach lives more in the kitchen area because of the water supply.

how to get rid of roaches naturally

The German Cockroach requires more water than the American Cockroach.


So, What are roaches attracted to?

First: Remove Food of any kind

What kinds of food are roaches attracted to? All roaches need to eat to survive and if the food gets low enough some will become carnivorous and eat each other.

Of course, this is not what attracts them. The food source is what they come for!

* Remove all food sources.

Eliminate all food sources in your home and kitchen. Always clean up before you go to bed in the evenings or at night. If you have been prone to leave certain food sources out at night, start getting in the habit of removing anything a roach can get to and eat!

* Clean and scrub.

After you have removed all the food sources from your tables, counter top’s and cabinets, you need to wipe everything and clean the countertops!

Clean the spaces between the stove and counters, the refrigerator and behind it, under the cabinets and all the crevices and corners in the kitchen.

Check cabinet drawers and sinks for any debris of food or scraps. Make sure the garbage has been put out and fresh clean bags have been installed of the garbage can has a very tight seal.

Cockroaches can live for approximately 3 months without food after finding the first food source.

Second: Remove Water Sources!

All roaches require water, all of them! Check under all of your sinks both in the kitchen, bathrooms, and basements! Make sure there are no leaks in any supply pipes or in the drain where roaches can get a supply of water. It does not take a lot of water to supply an entire infestation. A single leak will supply them. Put away all sponges, wet towels, pet water bowls, etc. Put up anything that will provide a source of water for a roach. Trust me, they will find the source if you leave it out!

Third: Eliminate the entry source.

Check all your windows for cracks around the seals and if there are any cracks be sure to caulk them in. If you don’t already have it, add weather stripping to all of your entryways and doors. Cockroaches will find any crack r crevice and they will multiply there. Cockroaches don’t just show up in the winter as a lot of folks think. These pests are a year round nuisance and will multiply rapidly if not dealt with.

So, What are roaches attracted to?

There is no particular food or water they are really partial to except for maybe starch. Like most pests, they like anything that they can eat and survive on! Size or house, the cost of the house, the color of the house, your standing in the community nor anything else matters to them! They will live anywhere they can find the sources mentioned above! Once you have determined you have a problem with roaches, you can employ the methods above to slow them down but it is not likely they will be eliminated in a short time. Most folks end up calling a Professional for Quotes if they have a large infestation. These things multiply faster than rabbits and have way more offspring. If you are not very methodical and persistent, you will more than likely only slow the infestation down and not eliminate the roaches! Remember, roaches are attracted to food, water and a place to hide and reproduce! Eliminating these pests can save you a huge headache in the future! So, in reality, what are roaches attracted to? Just about anything that offers food, water, and shelter!