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What kills roaches best? Top Killers.


What kills Roaches best?

What kills roaches

Sharing a home with a roach can be one of the most unpleasant experiences that anyone can have. Besides spreading bacteria everywhere in your home, they also transmit diseases. So, the big question is, “What kills roaches”?

While you may have an exterminator and someone to control the pests, all those chemicals used may not be ideal for your children, pets and other people living with you.

It is therefore important to apply some home remedies to permanently get rid of roaches naturally.

While these methods are available, it is important to keep in mind that with time, roaches will always come back unless the root of the problem, the nest, is completely eliminated.

In most cases, finding the nest is almost impossible since roaches will certainly set their nests in wall crevices, floor cracks and other areas that are difficult to reach.

Due to this, the ideal way of completely eradicating roaches in your house is using some type of poison, which the roaches can carry back to their nest and have the rest of the population infected.

Use of poisonous roach baits is an inexpensive way of eradicating roaches if properly done.

Exterminators certainly work but they can be quite expensive. Depending on the extent of the infestation, they may cost you not less than $ 100. But, if the infestation is heavy, it may very well be worth it if you can afford it up front to get rid of them really fast.

Otherwise, we have some suggestions that you can certainly try if you are looking to eradicate them yourself and don’t want to go the route of a roach exterminator at this point.

The remedies below have been tried and all have worked at different levels with different type roaches. All roaches are not the same. The german cockroach is typically harder to eradicate than the american cockroach and both are common in the states.


Home Remedies for eradicating Roaches

Some natural ingredients keep away roaches by acting as repellents. Other constituents kill them and permanently give you relief from these creatures.

There are also other tricks used for trapping roaches.

Adhesive based traps work in just the same way as glue. Once they get into contact with the adhesive, they get stuck. This works best for trapping occasional roaches even though the problem does not get eliminated completely as the nest remains unaffected.


To find out what kills roaches, read the following DIY remedies:

  1. Use of Coffee Grinds

It is not known with certainty whether it is the coffee itself or the aromatic coffee that act as a bait. The theory’s core is that coffee grind is one most effective remedies of getting rid of roaches. They feed on organic substances and are particularly attracted to coffee grounds hence get eliminated easily.

Requirements: Water Wet coffee grinds Small cups Large glass jars.


  • Take glass jars and halfway fill them with water
  • Inside each of the small cups, place wet coffee grinds
  • Inside all the jars, place such a cup
  • Place these jars against the baseboards or walls or such other places where the roaches may possibly be nesting
  • What follows is that the cockroaches get lured to the coffee grinds aroma and enter the jar. Once trapped, they cannot escape.
  • Keep checking these jars on daily basis. Once they accumulate, dump them together with water. Nonetheless, before these roaches get discarded, ensure to remove the cups inside the jar
  • Keep repeating the process for some days till you don’t notice any roaches in the jars containing coffee ground.
  1. Mixture of Sugar and Borax

Sugar effectively attracts the roaches while borax is used for dehydrating the exoskeleton of the roach hence damaging their digestive system and eventually killing them.

Requirements: Sugar and borax in equal parts


  • Mix equal amounts of sugar and borax
  • This mixture should then be applied into the cracks, along baseboards, under the sink, cabinets or other places where roaches may be found
  • In a few hours’ time, you will find many dead roaches

Note: Borax is poisonous and must therefore, be used cautiously particularly if there are kids and pets at home. Sprinkle the powder mixture in high places where pets and kids cannot reach.

what kills roaches

  • Fabric Softener

Cockroaches breathe by means of their skin. Therefore, when a fabric softener’s thick solution is sprayed on them; they get suffocated hence making it difficult for them to breathe, eventually dying.

Requirements: 1 to 3 parts of natural Fabric softener 2 parts Water in a Spray bottle


  • Mix water and fabric softener together
  • Using this solution, fill the spray bottle
  • Spray over all the cockroaches that you find. Spray also in places you suspect that cockroaches may be hiding
  1. Cucumber Trap

It is believed that when cucumber peels are placed in aluminum, they may react to the metal and emit a stink that is intolerable to roaches that eventually die.

Requirements: Aluminum can and fresh peels of cucumber


  • In a can, place cucumber peels
  • Place the can near a site where you suspect there are many roaches and wait for the pests to die
  1. Baking Soda and Sugar mixture

In the mixture, sugar attracts the roaches while baking soda affects the digestive system of roaches. The baking soda builds a lot of gas into the creatures till they die.

Requirements: Sugar and baking soda


  • Mix equal amounts of both ingredients
  • Sprinkle the mixture to the places where roaches are infested
  • After eating the mixture, the roaches die
  1. Bay Leaf

This is a homemade repellant and is effective in driving away cockroaches instead of killing them. Bay leaf is a type of herb spice that is extensively used in Asia for cooking. It is believed that roaches cannot be able to stand the smell of bay leaves hence one can permanently eradicate them without having to kill them.


  • A handful of bay leaves
  • Pestle or mortar for crushing them,


  • Crush the bay leaves in order to obtain the powder. It is easy to crush them as they are usually dried leaves.
  • Sprinkle the powder near the nesting places for the roaches
  • Soon, the roaches leave and migrate to other places away from your house to look for food and water.

If none of these solutions for killing roaches work for you or you feel uncomfortable using them, you can always give our Free Exterminator Quotes a try. We offer you a search that will put you in touch with a local roach exterminator at no cost to you. You can schedule a phone call or email at a convenient time for you and you will never be charged for this service. If after you are contacted and you d you don’t want the service, just tell them so. Have a great and pest free day!

Thank you for reading our article on what kills roaches. I hope this has been a benefit to you and if you have further needs you can always contact us on our Contact Us page.